Friday, January 5, 2018

Five Little Snowmen Rhyme Activity

Continuing with our nursery rhyme learning activities, today we have this fun "craftivity" to go along with the rhyme Five Little Snowmen. This activity involves a craft- the making of the snowmen, counting- reciting the rhyme while counting the snowmen and fine motor skills too- pushing and pulling the snowmen sticks.
Super CUTE Five Little Snowmen Rhyme Activity - this nursery rhymes activity is fun to do and great for preschool, prek, kindergarten age kids as they practice counting, strengthening fine motor skills and as a pre reading activity.

Snowman Rhyming Activity

 You will need:
  • Craft sticks or small wooden spoons
  • white, black and orange paint or markers
  • Pipecleaners or ribbon
  • yellow cardboard or craft foam
  • cotton wool
  • basket

First make the snowmen. My kids enjoyed getting involved with this step. Paint or color the sticks white, then add the features(eyes, one, mouth).

cute craft stick snowman craft for kids

Lastly attach the pipe cleaners to the stick to resemble scarfs. You can add hats too if you'd like.

add cotton around grated basket

Add the cotton wool around the basket. If you do not have a basket that will hold the sticks, you can use a cardboard box and cut some slits so that the sticks can stand and be pushed down.   Make the sun with a yellow craft stick and round paper/ craft foam. Add to the basket.

five little snowman kindergarten activity

Ready to play? Recite the rhyme and push down a snowman every time the rhyme says "and one little snowman melted away". Do this until "none little snowmen are here to stay".

prescchool kindergarten count to 5 activity

This rhyme, in fact, teaches counting down, or subtracting from 5 to zero. This rhyme activity is a hands-on way to demonstrate counting down while playing and what is better than playing while learning?

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