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Cooking up Rhyming Words – Free Do a Dot Printables

Cook up rhyming Words with this CVC Word Family activity using do a dot printables! Simply print the pdf file with the free printable rhyming worksheets, read, and use bingo daubers to find the matching rhyming short vowel sound. This is such a fun literacy  and reading skills activity for kindergarten and first grade students!

Cook up rhyming words with this CVC Word Family activity using do a dot printables! Simply print the pdf file with the free printable rhyming worksheets, read, and use bingo daubers to find the matching rhyming short vowel sound. This is such a fun literacy  and reading skills activity for kindergarten and first grade students!

Do a Dot printables

This fun, educational activity let kids use their favorite dot markers to practice rhyming words! Simply grab the do a dot printables a dab the words that rhyme. Kindergarteners and grade 1 students will love how cute this engaging rhyming activity is! The huge stock pot and large spoon just add to the charm of this reading activity. Plus, these NO PREP free worksheets help practice kindergarten rhyming. Rhyming teaches children how language works and helps them to begin listening for patterns in words. This is an important pre reading skill.  In addition, this activity helps kids practice cvc words. Teaching CVC words is an integral part of any pre-reading program. CVC words are formed of simple words that are easy to blend the individual letter sounds for those learning to sound out words with phonics.

Finally, this activity uses kindergarten word families to help children read words they will be successful with to encourage them to keep reading and become more fluent. Word families are important because they help young learners recognize and analyze word patterns when they are learning to read.

Rhyming cvc words

Start  by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> _____ <<. The pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the template.

Print as many rhyming worksheets as you need for the number of students in your class. The sheets are in black and white to save on printing costs.

soup and ladle rhyming worksheets to practice sounding out and identifying cvc words that rhyme

Short Vowels Printable

These kindergarten worksheets were created to use do a dot markers – also known as bingo markers, dot markers, dot art markers, do a dot, bingo dot markers, dot paint markers, dab and dot markers, do a dot markers or washable dot markers – these kid favorite utensils really have a lot of names, don’t they? If you prefer, these can be completed with crayons, markers, colored pencils, or gel pens. Alternatively, you can laminate the pages (or stick them in a sheet protector)  to make them reusable and complete them with dry erase markers or top with a manipulative or playdough ball.

free do a dot printables for kindergarten, pre k, and grade 1 to work on rhymes, cvc words- pictured big, hip, and cop

Rhyming Worksheets

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler – you will love these super cute, clever, and NO PREP rhyming words worksheets. These are a fun learning activity for literacy centers in your classroom, summer learning, extra practice, seat work, busy work, or as a supplement to your current language arts curriculum.

There are 6 pages of rhyming printables containing 12 pots of rhyming words. Students will sound out the word on the soup ladle and then find and dab the other words in the pot that rhyme with the featured word.

  • bug rhymes with jug, lug, hug, and tug
  • hat rhymes with mat, sat, bat, and pat
  • sit rhymes with hit, mit, and lit
  • hog  rhymes with log, fog, and dog
  • cab  rhymes with lab, dab, and tab
  • bad rhymes with had, dad, lad and mad
  • bed rhymes with wed, fed, red, and led
  • hen rhymes with den, ten pen, and men
  • hip rhymes with lip, dip, zip, and nip
  • big rhymes with dig, fig, gig, and wig
  • bin rhymes with pin, din, sin, and fin
  • cop rhymes with drop, hop, top, and mop


Word Families Activity

Kindergarten kids will LOVE this CVC center! We know that with learning, repetition and practice is key. Kids will be motivated to find and use dot markers to identify their CVC words with short vowel sounds using these fun ‘cooking pot’ or ‘soup’ themed cards. Kids choose a card and read the short vowel CVC word on the spoon, they then find and read words on the circles and dab the rhyming words. They continue to do so until they have found all the matches for that card. Encourage them to say the word on the card as they look for the matching words.

CVC words can be difficult for kindergarten kids. Encourage them to work on their reading and rhyming skills with this set of fun cards!

 FREE Alphabet Do a Dot Printables - these simple abc worksheets are a great activity to help children practice their upper and lowercase letters using bingo markers / bingo daubers. Perfect free printable worksheets for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners Shape do a dot printables number binog dauber printables

Do Marker Worksheets

Looking for more activities to try with your do a dot printables? You will love these free worksheets:

Kindergartners will have fun cooking up rhymes with this CVC Word Family activity! Simply print the FREE printable rhyming worksheets, read, and use dot markers to find the matching rhyming short vowel sound. Looking for a fun way to practice reading simple CVC Words to practice phonics skills? You will love this Plane Rhyming CVC Words activity. Simply grab a bingo dauber and the free do a dot printables in the pdf file and you are ready to read, rhyme, and dab word families. Preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students will have fun practicing sounding out words with the letter sounds they've learned while listening for and seeing similar letter patterns in these words. free-snow-globe-letter-find-worksheets-preschool-kindergaten

Free Dot Marker Printables

If your kindergartners are working on cvc words, this fun rhyming words activity for kindergarten is a great way to work on literacy skills to help early readers become more confident and fluent readers. Simply print the free cvc words printable for  rhyming activities for kindergarten for a hands-on engaging matching rhyming words worksheet game. Are you working on rhymes? This rhyming words activity will give pre-k, kindergartners, and first graders more practice with rhyming words for kindergarten!  Grab these rhyming words with pictures and let children match the two pictures / words who have the same ending sounds. Low-prep rhyming activities like this one are perfect activity for some additional practice or as a literacy center! Few children’s books are as universally loved and known as those by Dr. Seuss. As the mom of some very picky eaters, Green Eggs and Ham is one of our family favorites! The green eggs and ham rhyme amuses children while lending itself perfectly to early reading practice. Keep reading to check out the green eggs and ham rhyming activities the story inspired! This green eggs and ham rhyming game is perfect for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders. Simply download pdf file with green eggs and ham activities and you are ready to play and learn! Our free sorting mats will help your kindergarten students practice their rhyming skills. Kids will enjoy this simple rhyming activity and become word detectives! It is a great way to develop phonological awareness! Click through to grab your freebie.

Rhyming Activities

Looking for more practice rhyming? Practice does make perfect as the saying goes. We have lots free rhyming printables to help your children get lots of practice – from puzzles, matching activities, worksheets, games, activities and more. Plus don’t miss these rhyming books for kindergarten.


Cooking up Rhymes – CVC Word Family Read & Dab

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