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Snowflake Find and Dab – Alphabet Recognition

Kindergartners wil have fun working on alphabet recognition with this fun, FREE, and no prep Snowflake Find and Dab activity perfect for January.

Kindergartners will have fun working on alphabet recognition with this fun, FREE, and no prep Snowflake Find and Dab activity perfect for January.

Alphabet Recognition

Kindergarten kids will love these snowflake themed alphabet worksheets! Looking for a fun way to reinforce and practice alphabet lower and uppercase recognition skills? These printables will have kids identifying the letters and finding their match and dabbing them. The printables are easy to prep and you could also add a sensory bin with magnetic letters to reinforce the letters they are working on.

To prepare:

  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Laminator
  • Daubers (dot markers)

Print the set you would like to use. There are two letters on one page, or you could print the whole set and have them ready in a tub for morning work.

snowflake abc games

Letter Find

Use these printables to help kids develop letter identification skills and strengthen their letter knowledge. Kids need to master their letter sounds and identification as it is a critical component to prepare them for reading. Introduce the printable cards and show the kids how to use the daubers to dab the alphabet letters. These printables work for kindergarten kids as they allow them to identify their upper and lowercase letters. A great way to work on these puzzles is to create a competition where the kids have to find and dab the whole card to win the game. This game is perfect for kindergarten learners still consolidating their skills in winter.

snowflake letter find

ABC Game

You could also create a sensory bin, fill it up with rice and add magnetic letters. Have the kids find the matching magnetic letters for the printable they’re working on. If you have multiple sets of magnetic letters, this could also work really well by getting them to find letter matches to all the letters on their printable sheet.

Have preschool students? This could potentially work that way – finding matches. Although, it may be a little difficult for pre-schoolers to work on finding upper and lowercase letters on one sheet.

free-snow-globe-letter-find-worksheets  Snowman Trace and Erase  kindergarten-math-craft

Winter Worksheets

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