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FREE Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten is an important year for learning, which is why it’s important to have the right FREE Kindergarten Worksheets! After you teach an important reading or math skill, you can use worksheets to give your kindergartner independent practice.

FREE kindergarten worksheets - kids will have fun practicing writing numbers and alphabet letters with these free printable worksheets for kindergartners #kindergarten

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FREE Kindergarten Worksheets

When it comes to kindergarten, it’s amazing how much your child needs to learn. Basic (but important) skills such as letter recognition, counting, sight words and more all play a part in your child’s kindergarten year. That’s why it’s important to find FREE Kindergarten Worksheets that help your kindergartner practice these skills. When it comes to kids, practice really does make perfect!

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Kindergarten Worksheets for Reading & Writing

Your child will learn a lot when it comes to Language Arts. This year, your kindergartner will learn how to recognize letters, discover the sounds each letter makes, transform those sounds into words, and more! Here are a few kindergarten worksheets that will help your child practice those important reading and writing skill being learned this year.

  1. Free Alphabet Coloring Pages – These kindergarten worksheets are perfect for practicing the alphabet.
  2. Alphabet Worksheets – This worksheet packet is filled with alphabet practice!
  3. Alphabet Mini Books – Print these worksheets and let your kindergartner transform them into alphabet mini books.
  4. Write the Beginning Sound Worksheet – Here’s a worksheet packet that will help your kindergartner identify the beginning sound of a word.
  5. Write the Ending Sound Worksheet – Don’t forget to practice ending sounds with these worksheets!
  6. Kindergarten Sight Words Under the Sea – These sea-themed worksheets will help your kindergartner learn sight words.
  7. Bingo Marker Mystery Pictures – Here are some worksheets that are sure to be a blast!
  8. CVC Words Short A Book – Print these worksheets to create short A books for your kindergartner to read.
  9. Uppercase Alphabet Color & Trace Pages – Help your kindergartner learn the alphabet with these worksheets.
  10. Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets – Reading comprehension is important to practice. Here are some worksheets to help!
  11. Race & Trace Alphabet Game – These worksheet pages are both fun and educational!
  12. Hershey Kiss Word Family Worksheets – These word family worksheets can help your kindergartner learn to read.
  13. CVC Word Puzzles – Here are some printable worksheets to practice short vowel sounds.
  14. Building Sentences with Primer Sight Words – These sentence-building worksheets are perfect for your kindergartner.
  15. Sentence Scrambles – Your kindergartner will get plenty of reading practice with these sentence scrambles!
Kindergarten Worksheets for Math

Kindergarten Worksheets for Math

In addition to reading and writing, you can expect your kindergartner to learn all about math. Your child will learn number sense, counting, skip counting, addition & subtraction, money, and more. These kindergarten worksheets are just what you need when it comes to practicing math. Using fun themes your kindergartner will love, these worksheets help practice all of these necessary math skills.

  1. Color the Coins Money Worksheets – Here are some great worksheets for teaching your kindergartner about money.
  2. Farm Bingo Marker Numbers Worksheet – Use these worksheets to help your kindergartner learn numbers 1-10.
  3. Outer Space Math Worksheets Packet – Kindergartners will love these outer space themed math worksheets!
  4. Hundreds Chart Worksheets – Your kindergartner will get the chance to practice numbers up to 100 with these worksheets!
  5. Cookie Jar Story Time – After reading this book, use these worksheets to practice numbers and counting!
  6. Dinosaur Kindergarten Math Worksheets – From patterns to number recognition, these dinosaur-themed worksheets will help your kindergartner learn math.
  7. Number Worksheets – These worksheets are perfect for practicing numbers up to 20.
  8. Apple Math Worksheets – These apple-themed worksheets include practice for counting, addition, and more!
  9. Caterpillar Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets – Get some subtraction practice in with these math worksheets.
  10. Flowers Missing Numbers – Print off these worksheets for missing number practice.
  11. Skip Counting Mazes 2s-10s – Check out these fun worksheets for practicing skip counting!
  12. Measurement Worksheets – Introduce measurements to your kindergartner with these worksheets.
  13. Dinosaur Math Worksheets – These dinosaur-themed worksheets help your kindergartner practice important math skills.
  14. Watermelon Fact Family – These math worksheets are great for teaching fact families!
  15. Comparing Numbers Worksheets – Can your kindergartner compare numbers? These worksheets can help.

No matter what skill your child is practicing, there are plenty of kindergarten worksheets that can help! From reading and writing to math, you’ll find fun themes that make learning and practicing fun!

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