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  1. I could cry!!! God Bless you for allowing teachers free access to this wonderful alphabet color pages!! It is an excellent tool for letter identification and phonics!!! Amazing! Thank you!

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      So glad you can use this resource! Thanks for the sweet note.

  2. Thanks alot for this free printable worksheet.. my little one enjoys it..

    Thanks u very much

  3. Please send link to get Free Alaphabet Coloring pages. I signed email listing but the link was not available. Please help

  4. Thank you for this! my kids love this coloring book. Do you have one for the lowercase letters?

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      Glad you like it. There is not a lowercase at this time, but one is in the works!

  5. I love this activities so badly…I hope I can get my free copies too. i already subscribe but theres no email confirmation recieve.

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      Just resent =)

  6. thank you so much for sharing your works for free….Its very kind of you…Your works are really helpful. more And God bless

  7. Erika Diaz says:

    thank you so much. My students will enjoy it!

  8. Hi Beth!
    I love your printables and use them for Storytime crafts and activities with my Library Kids. Do you have a donate button somewhere?
    Thanks for the fun stuff!

  9. I just discovered your site! A huge thank you! Everything I need to teach in one site. What a blessing. Thank you for all your hard work & ideas. Love them all.

  10. This will definitely keep my students busy!

  11. This is so helpful! I feel that my preschooler is behind after missing so much school, so I can’t wait to do these with her. Your website has been such a gift!

  12. Thank you so much…God bless 🙂

  13. thank you. this is an amazing activity.

  14. Wonderful website. I don’t know how I’ve missed it.

  15. Thank you so much..its a great help for my nursery class..worksheets are amazing ..

  16. Just came across your site while looking for homeschooling resources for my pre-k child. What a gift- thank you so much for sharing!

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      So glad we can help!

  17. Am I the only person to click on every link and not find the ABC printable alphabet? How about post and link together? There is a lot of amazing ideas here, but they are hard to find and hard to see through all of the ads.

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      Sorry you are having trouble. All my downloads are always at the bottom of the post, under the terms of use. most are clicking on text link that says >> Download <<. This particular one is a subscriber freebie so just enter info in the box (with picture of printable) and click download. You will immediately be redirected to the freebie! My heart is to keep materials FREE for my readers, so the ads are necessary to pay for the costs related to operating our site. Thanks for understanding.

  18. Becky Skorich says:

    This is so helpful since I am homeschooling for the first time! Thank you!

  19. Hello I subscribed but I’m not seeing the downloaded worksheet. Please where do I go to search for it

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      You will be redirected immediately. My guess is you closed the window. Just reenter your information and wait -it will redirect you to the pdf file. Don’t worry, it won’t double your newsletter.

  20. thanks you’re a blessing specially for mommy that needs resources for their kids with special condition like autism.

  21. amen amen amen may God bless you and repay all your work for us…for many.. i love you bless you.

  22. Thank you for the freebies!!! Blessings to you!

  23. Thank you so much and God bless you abundantly…

  24. Melissa E Kittleson says:

    These are wonderful resources that you have available. I was reading your terms of use and I’m running into a bit of difficulty because I am having to teach students virtually, because of –, which means I can’t print the materials out for them. Am I allowed to share your download in my weekly lesson plans so parents can print these off and work through them with their child?

  25. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

    no extensions needed. Just enter email address in the box and the pdf file will open immediately =)

  26. Bari Coslow says:

    I work at a public library as a kids librarian. We have an ongoing program called Alphabet Soup and would love to include some of your printables. The library is planning on offering monthly alphabet crafts and activities for the kids to take home and make/do.
    Prior to using any of the items on your websites, I noticed your copyright policy. Since these are not royalty free, what is your policy on the library printing them and using them?

  27. Cristin Gilley says:

    I love this so much! You don’t by chance have a number version? We are struggling with order of numbers here and I need a recourse. My 4 year old twins really love the letters.

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      I will add that to the top of my list =)

  28. thank you for all you guys do!

  29. I’m having trouble printing them without the black box behind the clip arts. Do you by any chance know why this is happening?

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      Try downloading on your desktop… sometimes that is the issue. Other possibility is you are printing from web version; make sure you down load first then print

  30. Hi Beth!

    I am subscribed but don’t see the button to print 🙁 Is there anyway you could help me out please?


    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      when you enter your email and click “print” a box confirming you are human pops up and once you do taht the file opens right up.

  31. I love these worksheets!

  32. Super worksheets. Thank you a lot.

  33. Thank you so much for the Alphabet printables. Do you have them in lowercase letters?

  34. Wow, Thank you so much!

  35. My student will love this!

  36. Raquel Ryckman says:

    thank you for the printable, I think they will work out great for my 4K class project

  37. Thank you can’t wait!

  38. Thanks for doing these.

  39. Thank you for the free resources!

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