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Alphabet Coloring Pages

You are going to love these unique, fun-to-color FREE Alphabet Coloring Pages. Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners can even compile them into a really cool alphabet book.

free printable alphabet coloring pages for preschool, pre k, kindergarten age students to work on phonemic awareness, strengthening hand muscles, and learning alphabet letters

Alphabet Coloring Pages

These alphabet printables are such a fun way to help teach preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age children their letters and the sounds they make.
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These black and white worksheets are low to no prep and save money by not printing in colored ink too! There is a page, featuring a large capital letter, for every letter of the alphabet from A to Z.
free alphabet worksheets for learning abcs; featured letter a, letter t, letter g, and letter o

ABC Coloring Book Free

These alphabet coloring sheets are super simple to complete, but lots of fun! Students just love coloring the pictures and large featured letter with crayons, markers, colored pencils, gel pens , or whatever their favorite drawing utencil is. Giving young learners a lot of opportunities to color allows them to build strong hand muscles and improve coordination. These are all important building blocks for future writing!
Whether you are a parents, teacher, or homeschooler – you will love this super cute kindergarten printable perfect for learning letters. You can use this along with any curriculum or letter of the week program.  It also makes a great addition to a literacy center, homeswork, extra practice, seatwork, and home preschools.
abc printable that is no prep for pre, preschool and kindergarten

ABC Printables

Pass out the letter you are working on and students will color the pictures that all start with the featured letter.  This is great for working on phonemic awarenss as students listen for beginning sounds of the pictures. This is also great for building vocabulary and helping kids to begin listening for the sounds letters make – an important skill they will need for phonics as they begin reading.
free alphabet book for each letter from A to Z for working on visual discrimination, phonemic awareness, and fun learning ABCs for preschoolers, prek, kindergartners

Letter Coloring Pages

We like to cut out the shape of the letter. This abc coloring pagesnot only reinforces the letter shape (visual discrimination), but provides some extra motor skills as students practice using scissors with these free alphabet coloring pages.
Alphabet Coloring Worksheets for Kindergarten

ABC Coloring Pages

If you like, kids can make an alphabet book from the alphabet coloring pages free. Just stack the pages up in alphabetical order from a-z then staple along the name space and you will have a fun-to-flip through printable alphabet book to help you child review their abcs.
While these pages can be used for phonemic awareness, there are many pictures that start with the same beginning letter, but not the traditional phonics sound for each letter. You can have kids color only the ones that have the same phonemic sound if you like. We used these to work on learning new vocabulary.
  • A is for airplane, acorn, apron, axe, ant, alligator, apple, anchor, alien
  • B is for bee, banana, bread, box, balloon, bat, butterfly, boots, ball, bux
  • C is for cactus, catipellar, cat, cloud, calculator, cow, carrot
  • D is for dog, drill, deer, drum, duck, dice, donuts, darts
  • E is for eagle, envelope, ear, eggplant, elf, elepahnt, egg
  • F is for fan, flag, football, flower, frog, flower, fork, flamingo, fire hydrant
  • G is for grapes, glove, gift, gorilla, game, glasses, goat
  • H is for hand, hook, hot dog, hamburger, hen, horseshoe, heart, harp, ham, hat
  • I is for iguana, island, ink, ice cream, iron, ice skates, ice, igloo
  • J is for jacket, jeep, jet, jello, jewels, jug, jellyfish, jar
  • K is for koala, kiwi, ketchup, kayak, knot, key
  • L is for lion, lock, lantern, lemon, laundry, llama,learf
  • M is for magnet, mail, mushroom, moose, mouse, map, mouth, moon, muffin, mug, mail
  • N is for nut, note, nine, needle, nest, newspaepr, net, nose
  • O is for ox, oven, oars, onion, ollive, octopus, oboe, orange
  • P is for panda, potato, pacifier, pea, pumpkin, pie, penguin, pian, picnic table
  • Q is for quilt, question, quiet, queen, quaill, quiver
  • R is for rain, radio, rooster, rose, ring, rug, recycle, rainbow
  • S is for star, strawberry, snowflake, slingshot, spider, shark, suitcase, screw, stool, snail, sun
  • T is for tub, tooth, tape measure, taco, turtle, tent, toaster, tomato
  • U is for umbrella, unicorn, urn, unicycle, underwear, ukelele
  • V is for van, vulture, vote, volcano, vest, vine, vacuum
  • W is for watch, web, whale, wint, wheelbarrow, worm, watermelon, wheel, woodpecker
  • X is for xray, xylophone
  • Y is for yak, yolk, yarn, yo-yo, yacht, yam
  • Z is for Zeppelin, zookeeper, zipper, zuchini, zebra, zero

Unique Number Coloring Pages where there is a numbers 1-10 worksheets for each number. Number sense worksheets are a great way to introduce numbers 1 to 10!

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super cute and free pritnable Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheets are a great way for preschool, pre k, kindergartners, and first graders to practice letters from A to Z. Free Printable Find the Letter worksheets for kindergartners and preschoolers alphabet hats

FREE Alphabet Printables

Looking for more abc printables for kids? You have tons of free alphabet printables

FREE Cute Alphabet Coloring Pages These super cute free printable alphabet craft ideas for kids are are no prep! Alphabet Mazes are a fun free printable for kindergarten age kids to practice abc order

free printable alphabet coloring pages for preschool, pre k, kindergarten age students to work on phonemic awareness, strengthening hand muscles, and learning alphabet letters  super cute and free pritnable Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheets are a great way for preschool, pre k, kindergartners, and first graders to practice letters from A to Z.  FREE Dinosaur Color by Number - super cute free printable kindergarten worksheets for practicing numbers 1-10 and numbers 11-20 with a favorite dinosaur theme activity for preschoolers and kindergartners #dinosaur #colorbynumber #kindergarten  Lowercase letters Trace and Erase

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FREE Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages - super cute, no prep, abc printable for toddler, preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age kids to learn their letters, work on phonemic awareness and visual discrimination while strengthening hand muscles.

Alphabet Coloring Worksheets for Kindergarten

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