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Printable Kindergarten Math Games for Winter

Looking for some FUN and FREE Kindergarten Math Games to make learning fun this January? Check out these printable math games!

FREE Kindergarten Math Games for Winter - several fun printable winter math games and worksheets for kindergartners perfect for making January math fun #wintermath #kindergarten #mathgames

Kindergarten Math Games

Use our FREE printable math games to help your students develop a better understanding of numbers. Teaching number sense is fun and simple with these hands on games and activities. Get your kids playing and working with numbers. Perfect for math centers, early finishers and home school families. Click through to get your free games.

Your Kindergarten student are just starting to encounter formal math teaching. At this stage they are learning a lot about numbers and how to manipulate them. Basically they are experiences are starting to build something we refer to as number sense.

Number sense can be thought of a solid understanding of numbers and how our number system works. A true sense of number goes beyond writing numerals,  memorizing facts and counting things. We want our students to grasp how numbers work and understand the affect that the different operations  have on those numbers.

Memorization by itself does not help to build a solid understanding of numbers. In fact in the long term this can lead to difficulties as they advance to more complicated concepts. Instead, children need to learn and experience numbers and figure out what numerals represent.

Winter Math Games

Our students deepen their understanding of numbers when they can visualize them. We can encourage the use of manipulatives. Things like number charts, number lines, or ten frames are also helpful.


One of the best ways to explore numbers is through games and investigations. They are fun and give children opportunities for hands on learning. We have created a free printable set of games for you to use. They are simple to play but provide visual experiences and opportunities for discussion.

FREE Kindergarten Math Games for Winter - several fun printable winter math games and worksheets for kindergartners perfect for making January math fun #wintermath #kindergarten #mathgames

Snowman Math

The games are black and white for those of you without access to color printers. Most of the games need minimal instruction, so they are good for independent learning. There is only one game that needs adult help.

They would be great for math centers or early learners. You could also direct parents to this post, so they can download a set to use at home.

We created the games with a winter theme, so they are just right for this time of year. You may want to laminate the game sheets, so they will last longer.

build a snowman kindergarten math

Build a snowman – This is a fun game that can be played with any number of children. It is good for practicing number recognition and reading charts.

You will need a dice and some pencils. Or, laminate the page and use dry erase markers.

Each player rolls the dice and looks up the number on the chart on the bottom of the sheet. They draw the body part of snowman depending on the number rolled. For example, if you throw a 6 you draw a mouth. The winner is the one who finishes their snowman first. If you throw a number which matches a body part already drawn,  loose your turn.

In some versions of this game you must draw the body parts in a certain order. But it is rather fun to see disembodied smiles and eyes as the snowman progresses.

Build a Snowman Math Game
Guess That Number
This one may need adult help until the kids get the hang of it. This games is fabulous way to practice counting, number recognition. It also teachers the concepts of higher and lower than.

Each child gets a copy of the number chart and a pencil (or dry eraser marker if you have laminated the sheets). The adult chooses a number between 1 and 100 and invites the players to guess what it is. When they guess direct them to cross that number off the chart. Then tell them if the number is too high or too low. If the number is too high, help them cross out all the numbers higher than the one they guessed. If it’s too low, cross out the numbers below the number they guessed.

Older children can play a variation of the game by asking questions like:

  • Is it and odd number?
  • Does the number end in zero?
  • Is it a multiple of 5?

Roll and Cover Snowman Math Game for kindergarteners

Roll and Cover – Another game to practice number recognition.

You will need a dice and six manipulatives. It might be fun to use white snowball pom poms, but you can also use the 12 snowflakes provided in the free download. Children roll the dice and then cover the snowman that has the corresponding number. Note each number is represented twice, so the children will have to roll each number twice. Children can play individually or with a partner.

Snowman Math worksheets for Kindergartners

This game is for one or two players. They will be practicing counting, number recognition and addition. You will need a dice and 12 counters. We have provided 12 snowflakes, but you could easily use mini erasers or counters.

Cut apart the snowflakes prior to playing. The first player rolls the dice and places that quantity of snowflakes in the first circle.  Then, their partner  rolls and places that number of snowflakes in the second circle. Students work together to count the total. We also provided a worksheet that invites them to write the addition number sentences.

Winter Rhyming Puzzles  winter-color-by-number  Practice writing upper and loweracse letters with these adorable snowman cards

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