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FREE Winter Worksheets for Kindergarten

Grab our simple winter book pages and use it in your classroom to encourage kids to create their own winter books! You can make individual books or a whole class book. It is perfect for this time of year and is suitable for kindergarten or first grade.

FREE Winter Worksheets for Kindergarten and Preschool students - kids will have fun making their own printable book as they use this writing prompts with space to draw pictures to recall winter activities #winterprintable #winterworksheets #kindergarten #prek

Winter has arrived bringing with it cold days and snow for many places. Unlike many adults, children seem to thrive in this season. They don’t seem to mind the cold and there is always hot chocolate, right? Why not take the opportunity to have them capture something of the season in some fun writing activities?

We’ve created a free writing book to encourage your students to write about winter. Most children have experiences about winter to share. Kids this age just LOVE telling stories from their own experiences. A book provides the opportunity for them to do that.

Free Writing Prompts

Looking for more writing activities? Try these freebies that will help young learners practice writing:

free winter worksheets

Winter Worksheets for Kindergarten

The book is designed specifically for children who are just starting to learn how to write. There are lots of writing prompts and helps.

It includes the following pages .

  • Title page with plenty of space to create a picture
  • An alternative title page with pictures. Print it on some colored paper to add some wow factor!
  • An invitation to draw a wintery picture and write about it.
  • A page to record their favorite winter activities
  • The opportunity to describe what they wear in winter
  • Two pages with snowmen activities. First they name their snowman and write a list of things they need to make it. Then they draw a picture of their snowman. These pages can be used even if you do not have snow on the ground.
  • Finally there is a space for a short book review, because we love books and reading is such a great winter activity.

This is a very flexible resource. You can use the pages in writing centers or keep them for early finishers. If you don’t want to make books, just use one or two pages for writing exercises. All the pages black and white for those who do not have access to a color copier. they are really easy to prepare. Just download and print.

winter worksheets for preschool

Winter Worksheets

  • The winter book file (see below)
  • Colored copy paper (front page)
  • White copy Paper (inside pages)
  • Pencils and crayons
  • File folders
  • Printer
  • Stapler

I would recommend that you do some brainstorming with the whole group. You can start by sharing some fabulous winter books. Check out our list of great winter reads.

Then invite the students to talk about winter. Ask questions like

  • What do you know about winter?
  • What is your favorite thing to do in the winter?

Continue the discussion by brainstorming a list of winter words. You might ask

  • What words can you use to describe winter?
  • What do you wear when you go outside in winter?

Write the words on a large chart or whiteboard. It might be helpful to sort them into categories. Leave the words up for the children to use when they are writing. These are such a cute and helpful free printable for both preschool / prek and kindergarten age kids!

winter worksheets

Free Winter Worksheets

  1. Create a file folder for each child.
  2. Encourage students to complete the pages.
  3. Place the finished pages in their file folder.
  4. When you have finished making the books. Invite the children to sort the pages into their preferred order. Add a cover and staple the book together.
  5. If possible find ways to have the children to share their finished book. they could partner up and share that way or share in small groups.

Turn this into a creative writing project, by using the free winter story prompts in this post. these pages can be added into the book.

Winter Rhyming Puzzles  winter-color-by-number  Practice writing upper and loweracse letters with these adorable snowman cards

Looking for more fun Winter Printables?

FREE Winter Printables - Preschool & Kindergarten age students will have fun recalling winter fun as they make their own printable book. These winter worksheets contain drawing & writing prompts. #winterprintables #winterworksheets #kindergartners #preschoolers #freeprintables #education

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