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Star Wars Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

Need a fun writing activity for Kindergarten? Our Star Wars creative writing prompts are out of this world. These FREE printable worksheets are perfect for students just starting to write. We’ve also included a few pages for children who want to write longer stories. Click through to get the freebie.

Need a fun writing activity for Kindergarten? Our Star Wars creative writing prompts are out of this world. These FREE printable worksheets are perfect for students just starting to write. We've also included a few pages for children who want to write longer stories. Click through to get the freebie.

Star Wars Writing Prompts

Do you remember the first time you saw Star Wars. I was in my late teens when the very first movie was released. We had never seen anything like it. It took movie making to a whole new level.

Most children love Star Wars and for good reason. The movies have all the elements of amazing story telling. There are dastardly villains, underdogs battling injustice, and glorious monsters of every shape and size.

What kid hasn’t dreamed of being Luke and training as a Jedi? My boys would go on imaginary adventures with R2-D2 or pretend to be Ewoks. The Star Wars universe captures the imagination of all ages. Why not take advantage of this and bring out some Star Wars learning activities?

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These Star Wars Writing Prompts are perfect for kindergarten, or first grade! The story starters could also be used by older kids. There are worksheets for everyone from beginners to more experienced writers. Use them for quick writing practice, or pair them with some art activities for a longer project.

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Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

These writing pages will invite students to explore the wonders of the galaxy through writing. Some will prompt the kids to engage their imaginations and write a story. Others will provide the opportunity for them to create their own monster. The downloadable pages are designed for use with children at a variety of skill levels! Take a look inside the package.

  1. The first page is for use with children who are just beginning to write. The writing prompt encourages them to imagine the adventure they would have if R2-D2 followed them home from school. There is a space for a picture and a few lines after the picture for the children to write their stories.
  2. The second page invites students to create their own monster. They name the monster and decide what it eats! There is room for a picture and a description. You might want to brainstorm some adjectives with your students. to use in the descriptions. Here’s a great list to get you started.
  3. The third page invites students to draw their own picture and then write a short story about spending a day with Chewbacca. This open-ended activity allows students to take the story in any direction they wish. This is another page that would work well for children still developing their writing skills.
  4. The fourth page is another fun writing prompt engages the children’s imagination and invites them to write a story about flying a tie fighter. This one has more lines for kids that want to write a longer story. What fun!

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  • We’ve included a blank page, so that students can write a Star Wars story of their choosing.
  • You’ll also find a page of Star Wars story prompts.

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Star Wars Printables

  • These Star Wars story prompts are great for students at various levels. Older students can choose a story prompt and work with it. They can draw an illustration as well.
  • You can also use them for group work if you prefer. Give small groups of students a story prompt with to work with. Invite them to write and illustrate the story.
  • Story prompts can also be used for writing journals, centers, or sent home as a homework assignment. They can also be used in tandem with an art project.
  • Another fun project is to create comic strips. Kids love doing this and it promotes storytelling. You can find step by step instructions and comic book templates here.


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Star Wars Printables

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Free Writing Prompts

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Star Wars Worksheets Freebie

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