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Pattern Writing: A Easy Literacy Activity To Encourage Young Learners

Looking for some fun ways to encourage your students as they begin to write? Our FREE worksheets are a fun way to help Kindergarten students begin writing. Great for home-schooled students or for classroom use. Click through to download your pattern writing worksheets.

FREE Pattern Writing Worksheets for Kindergarten - these free printables allow kindergartners to improve their writing skills with a NO PREP activity for kindergartners #kindergarten #patternwriting #writingprompts

Pattern Writing

Writing is a skill that all our students need to master. And like everything it takes time and practice to become proficient.

If your students are like mine, you have some that are eager to get started. But there are always some that are fearful to take the first steps.

Have you ever had a reluctant student that you know is ready to write? They know their letter sounds and can trace letters and words. You have reassured them that they don’t have to be perfect and that we are practicing. But they still look unnerved and tell you tearfully, “But I don’t know how to write!”

It is our job as educators to offer a variety of tools and support to help both sets of kids.

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When teaching writing, it is important is not to overwhelm the leaner with too much at once.

  • “Did you start the sentence with a capital?”
  • “Don’t forget to use a period at the end”
  • “Put spaces between your words!

Having to juggle all these rules can be overwhelming at first. Our students may get bogged down and confused. It is our job to help them navigate through all these rules without becoming discouraged.

Most of us start the year off slowly. Students need time to learn sight words, practice tracing letters, and grasp letter sounds.

Once students they have done that, they are ready to launch into writing. I have found that pattern writing is a good first step.

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In pattern writing activities use a simple repeating phrase complete with correct punctuation. This phrase has a blank space (often at the end). All the students have to do is fill in missing word to complete a sentence. This is a perfect activity for beginning writers.

Pattern writing provides students with an easy writing activity. It helps them gain confidence and lets them experience success as they write.

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Pattern Writing Book

We have created some worksheets to help you get started. All these worksheets use repeating phrases. and provide students with a structure that will help them be successful.

The first set helps your students to identify repeating phrase patterns. They are asked to underline the word that changes in each sentence. Students finish the word pattern by copying the sentence and putting in their own ending.

The second set provides the beginning of the sentence and invites students to fill in the ending. The sentences are very simple

  • I like
  • I have
  • I see

There are three different work sheets in each set.

These worksheets are perfect for individual and group work. They can also be sent home as homework or given to early finishers.

Kindergarten Creative Writing Prompts


You may want to start the exercises with a group. Practice reading the words together, so that students understand how the pattern works.


Simply Kinder describes an pattern writing activity in which the children write on their tables with a dry erase marker! I strongly advise you test the markers on the tables first! Just to make sure they erase properly. You do not want to be the teacher that ends up with writing permanently etched into their tables.

Pattern writing is very engaging activity. It provides a structure as children start writing complete sentences and does not require as much skill as writing something from scratch. This allows you to focus on sentence structure, spacing, and other important writing skills.

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Free Writing Prompts

Looking for more writing activities? Try these

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