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Snow Volcano Science Experiment

EPIC science experiment with snow for a kids activity that will impress kids of all ages; plus the Snow Volcano Science Experiment is easy to clean-up.

Snow Volcano Science Experiment - this is an EPIC winter activity for kids of all ages that is fun to make and EASY to clean-up! This acid base experiment uses baking soda, vinegar, and our secret ingredient for a fun kids activity #kidsactivities #scienceexperiment #winteractivity

Snow Volcano Science Experiment

This clever winter science experiment is sure to wow kids of all ages. Try this snow volcano for a winter activity for kids they will never forget!


Start out by putting the following ingredients in a plastic cup or container:

  • about 2 tablespoons dish soap
  • food coloring¬†(optional)
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1-2 tablespoons warm water

Mix the ingredients. HINT: If you want your snow volcano to propel up use a container with a narrow top


Set the cup in the snow. Now push snow around the cup so you can’t see the cup anymore. You want it to form a traditional looking volcano with the top open.


Pour vinegar in the cup and step back to watch the beautiful chemical reaction that occurs when baking soda and vinegar mix!

Curious about the science behind the baking soda and vinegar reaction? When the baking soda meets the vinegar, carbon dioxide is created which causes the mixture to expand. Carbon dioxide is an important gas in the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide plays a vital role in regulating the earth’s temperature. Baking soda and vinegar have an acid based reaction, which results in a gas that causes the solution to swell.


Here you can see the acid based reaction that causes our snow volcano to start erupting.

HINT: As the measurement of baking sod and vinegar isn’t exact, feel free to add more vinegar if your volcano seems lackluster.


This baking soda and vinegar science experiment is such a fun kids activity that will certainly impress preschool and kindergarten age kids plus older kids alike!


How pretty is this winter science experiments for kids? My kids oohed and awed over the volcanos for a good long while!


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