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Summer Kindergarten Worksheets to practice Math

Are you looking for a fun way to help your kids practice their basic math skills? These free printable summer kindergarten math worksheets will help your Kindergarten students practice their counting skills.

FREE Summer Kindergarten Math Worksheets - these NO PREP, free printable math worksheets are prefect for helping kids practice counting, writing numbers, writing number words, which one is bigger, number lines, ten frame, and more for preschool, prek, and kinder #counting #summerlearning #kindergartenworksheets

Kindergarten Math Worksheets


We love counting here at Kindergarten worksheets and games. Although it seems quite simple the process of learning to count involves a lot of fairly complicated thought processes:

  • Things like learning to say the numbers in standard order
  • Understanding the concept of quantity
  • Recognizing that when you are counting items you are pairing each object with one and only one number name
  • Grasping that the last number name said is the one that tells you how many objects have been counted
  • Realizing that as you count by ones the quantity increases by one.
  • Learning how to read and/or write numbers and understanding what those numbers symbolize.

Phew that is quite a task! But the good news is that with lots of practice and support most kindergarten students will learn all these things without even realizing it. These super cute kindergarten math worksheets are sure to help make the job easier!

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Kindergarten Worksheets Math

Generally speaking, children in this age group love to show off their counting skills, so they don’t need too much encouragement. There are loads of fun ways to help kindergartners practice their counting. I find it is best if you can find lots of different approaches that will appeal to a variety of learning styles. Since learning to count is such a foundational math skill we’ve put together some downloadable worksheets to help your kids practice their counting skills.


Do you have any students who are struggling to learn how to count? They continue to have difficulties long after their peers master the skill? This is a classic symptom of Dyscalculia (a mathematical learning disability).  Learn more about Dyscalculia.


Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Here’s a fun summer themed freebie for your kindergarten kids. You will find six worksheets to give your students the chance practice counting with super cute Summer Kindergarten Worksheets.

  • The first worksheet asks the children to fill in the missing numbers. This is a little tricky for beginners as they have to count forwards and backwards to do this. We have included a number line to help them.
  • The second worksheets asks to use number words.Students read the number word and write the corresponding numeral in the box.
  • The third worksheet also helps children practice using number names. Kids have to count the number of ice creams in the box and write the corresponding number name. The correct words are provided in the word bank at the bottom of the sheet.
  • The fourth and fifth worksheets have the ever-popular ten frames. I love these, because they provide children with a visual cue, so they can see the number. Children will read the number and color in the correct number of squares to match.
  • The last worksheet invites students to compare two numbers and pick the larger one. Children look at the numbers on each picture, compare the two, and then color the picture with the larger number.

These printables are great for students needing to practice their counting skills. They can be used in class or sent home as homework. All you have to do is download and print. LOW PREP


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If you are looking for more ice cream activities to add to your ice cream theme of summer learning, check these out!

FREE Ice Cream Cone Alphabet Tracing - this is such a fun alphabet activity for preschool and kindergarten age kids to help them practice tracing letters with a fun summer theme #alphabet #preschool #kindergarten    Ice Cream Math Craft Count to 10  

Summer Kindergarten Worksheets

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