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Kindergarten Science Experiments for every Month

Add science to ever month of the year with this huge list of kindergarten science experiments arranged by month of the year. These clever, fun, and engaging kindergarten science projects are sure to make learning fun and get kids wondering, trying, and exploring the world around them.  Each month, you’ll have fun with different seasonal, themed science projects that teach your child fun science concepts.

Year Round Science Experiments - you are going to love this list of fun, seasonal science projects to incorporate in your year. This will make learning about science fun s for every month of the year! Perfect for preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade kids. #scienceprojects #scienceexperiments #kindergarten

Kindergarten Science Experiments

This huge list of fun monthly Kindergarten Science Experiments is a great way to add science to your regular educational activities. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler – you will love all these creative and easy to replicate science projects for preschool, pre k, kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 students. Simply pick a few science projects to work on each month and have fun!

January Science Experiments

  1. Ice, Salt & Temperature – this interesting science project teaches about winter roads.
  2. Dry Ice Experiment – be amazed with this dry ice winter experiment
  3. Frost in Can Science Experiment – learn why their is frost in winter

February Science Experiments

  1. Salt Crystal Heart – make beautiful valentine hearts using science
  2. Candy Heart Experiments – Discover how candy hearts dissolve in different compounds with this kindergarten science project.

March Science Experiments

  1. Leprechaun Rocks – This science project is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this spring.
  2. Frozen Rainbow Eruptions – watch colorful rainbow explode using science
  3. Floating Egg Science Experiment – Did you know you can use science to make eggs float? Here’s how!

April Science Experiments

  1. Earth Science Experiments – Celebrate Earth Day by learning all about the earth!
  2. Rainbow Density – You tend to see a lot of rainbows during the spring months.; use this fun science project to teach about spring rainbows.
  3. Rain Cloud Spring Science – This science project will give your kindergartner the opportunity to make a rain cloud.
Kindergarten Science for every month of the year

Kindergarten Science Projects

Ready for more ideas for science projects monthly? We’ve tried to put together only the best seasonal science projects to not overwhelm you as you are working on adding science to your school.

May Science Experiments

  1. Spring Flowers Chromatography – learn the beauty of chromatography as you make these stunning spring flowers
  2. Flower Science Experiment – kids will be amazed as you make flowers change colors right before your eyes
  3. Capillary Action Science Experiment – The trees are budding, making it a great time of year to teach your kindergartner about capillary action.

June Science Experiments

  1. Baking Soda Powered Boats – Take advantage of the nice summer weather and head out to make your very won baking soda powered boats
  2. Lego Electricity – Do your kids like building with Lego blocks? They are sure to love this Lego electricity project.

July Science Experiments

  1. Red, White, & Blue Science Project – watch the amazing chemical reactions at work in this fourth of July themed science project
  2. Pop Rocks Experiment – Candy and science? Yes please!

August Science Experiments

  1. Water Balloon Science Experiment – kids will love this super cool science project that uses balloons to teach kids about density
  2. Kool-Aid Rock Candy – Kool-aid is a staple drink during the summer months. Combine this summer beverage with science by making Kool-Aid rock candy.

September Science Experiments

  1. Why Do Leaves Change Colors – Leaves start to change colors in the fall, so kick off this season with this fun experiment that helps kids understand why they change colors.
  2. Fall Slime Recipe – kids love slime; show them how you use slime to make this fun fall slime recipe

October Science Experiments

  1. Colorful Candy Science – What will your child do with all that Halloween candy? Encourage them to use it to learn with this fun candy science experiment.
  2. Disney Monsters Inc Inspired Slime Recipe – Celebrate everything creepy and crawly this Halloween with this squishy science project.
  3. Mini Pumpkin Volcano – You can study chemical reactions while also celebrating fall with this pumpkin volcano.

November Science Experiments

  1. Homemade Butter Science Experiment – This tasty science experiment can be a great addition to your Thanksgiving meal.
  2. Magical Dancing Corn – why in the world would ordinary corn dance? Go take a peak at how to make your very own dancing corn
  3. Turkey Thanksgiving Slime Recipe – If your kindergartener loves slime, this is the science project for you! They’ll love making this turkey-themed recipe.

December Science Experiments

  1. Fizzing Ornaments – Celebrate the holidays with fizzing ornaments made by science in another one of our really cool month by month science experiments
  2. Creating Frost – Are you ready for winter? Your kids will be after creating frost with this winter science project.
  3. Pine Cone Science – If you take a walk in the woods, you’ll probably see pine cones all over! Collect a few for this science project.

We hope these month by month science experiments list will help students get excited about science and learning year round.  Make sure you see all our Kindergarten Science Activities!

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