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Skittle Turkey Science Activities for November

This fun turkey activity for kids combines some themed turkey science with a simple and FUN turkey activities for kindergarten, preschool, pre-k, toddler, and first graders too. You will love how easy this november activities is. Add this quick thanksgiving science to your plans!

This fun turkey activity for kids combines some themed turkey science with a simple and FUN turkey activities for kindergarten, preschool, pre-k, toddler, and first graders too. You will love how easy this november activities is. Add this quick thanksgiving science to your plans!
Turkey Science

I love quick and easy science activities like this November themed skittles experiment! In just a couple minutes you will create a cool turkey project by dissolving the food coloring in the candy coating. This turkey activites for preschoolers, toddlers, kindergartners, and grade 1 students is sure to be a hit at home or in the classroom.

plate with rim hot water skittles

Turkey Activities

All you need to try this quick and easy thanksgiving science project are a few simple materials:

  • plate with rim
  • hot water
  • skittles
  • google eyes
  • craft foam (orange and red)
  • scissors

Turkey Activities for Preschoolers

Turkey Activity for Kids

This science experiment is really simple, which is perfect for this busy mama! Start by making a turkey out of skittles on a paper pate or dish with a lip. Their are SO many options for how your turkey will look. We kept it simple and made a circle out of purple skittles for the turkey body. Then we made different size turkey feathers out of yellow, red, orange, and green skittles around the sides and top of that body. Finally we added googly eyes and cut craft foam to make a triangular orange beak and red wattle.

Cute, right?!

Turkey Activities for toddlers

November Activities

Now carefully pour hot water around the edge of the plate. Almost immediately you will see the colored candy coating start to dissolve in the warm water and begin spreading. It will in essence color in the turkey you made.

My kids thought it was hilarious that the turkey face change to look silly!

november activities for preschoolers

Turkey Activities for Toddlers

You can leave the turkey face looking silly or carefully move the features back now that the initial movement of the water has happened.

The turkey is getting more and more colorful as the colors dissolve.

thanksgiving science

Thanksgiving Science

The colors have almost completely dissolved at this point making a super cute turkey! I love how simple and pretty this November science project is to try with young kids!

thanksgiving turkey activity for kids

November Activities for Preschoolers

So besides being a fun turkey activity, this is actually a simple science project for November. Kids will be able to visually see how things dissolve.

You can extend the learning by:

  • BEFORE you do this project have them put sugar in water and ask them what is happening (they can no longer see the sugar after stirring). The sugar dissolves
  • Does every thing dissolve? Have them try some other substances like salt, oil, etc. Young kids learn best by trial and error and DOING!
  • Try the¬†skittle turkey with 2 plates. For one use¬†hot¬†water and for the other plate use¬†cold water. Was their any difference?

Fun turkey activity for kids that combines turkey science with a simple and FUN thanksgiving activities for november with kids of all ages!

Thanksgiving Activities

This is such a fun playful way to introduce young children to the FUN science can be with simple cause and effect they can SEE! The extension ideas help you take it further for kids that are already asking questions and thinking critically. You can even add in some scientific terms like what is your hypothesis of what will happen. What are the results. Science should be repeatable, try it again; did you get the same results?

But if your child is content with the WOW, that was cool turkey activity – that’s OK too! THey are learning to enjoy experiment and trying new things.

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November Math

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