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Secret Decoder Mats: Fun CVC Word Activity

Students will have fun cracking the secret code to find the hidden words! This CVC Word Activity will get your students eager to practice beginning sounds. This is a great resource to have for early finishers or literacy centers. Click to download the free printable.

CVC Words Activity -this is such a fun, clever, hands-on and FREE phonics activity for prek and kindergarten age kids as they work on learning the sounds letters make! Simply print free printable with secret code #cvcwords #kindergarten #phonics

CVC Word Activity

One of the joys of teaching kindergarten is helping children develop their reading skills. It never gets old does it? One minute a child is painstakingly sounding out words and the next they are reading sentences.

I worked at a library for six years. Each year one or two of our kids burst through the door to proudly show off their newly discovered reading skill. We got really good at gathering around to exclaim loudly and offer affirmation. It was one of the highlights of the year.

In Kindergarten, some of the first words kids learn to read are CVC words.



A CVC word is one containing a Consonant, Vowel and Consonant. Examples would be cat, tip, jug, and mat. Many of them are three letter words, but some have more letters. The CVC refers to vowel and consonant sounds. Some of these sounds are composed of two letters. Examples would be swim, flag and skip.

We use CVC words with young learners, because they are easy to decode. We want new readers to feel successful, so that they are motivated to continue on. They are also great words for practicing a number of things like

  • beginning and ending sounds
  • long and short vowels
  • blending sounds

Learning CVC words builds a strong foundation for literacy, so we want to give our students loads of practice. We decide to create a fun activity that will help children practice some easy CVC words. Introducing our beginning sounds secret code CVC mats.

cvc word games

Sounds Letters Make

Before they can get started with this CVC word activity, children need to learn the sounds a letter make. Here are some helpful activities.

Once students learn the sounds the letter make, they can start combining them in words. CVC words use sounds that are easy to blend, so they are good for early readers and spellers.

These secret code CVC mats get children spelling by identifying beginning sounds. Children ALWAYS love secret codes, so why not take advantage of that to help them learn?

Kindergarten cvc words

CVC Word Games

These decoder mats will help Students practice three different skills

  1. Identifying the beginning sounds
  2. Matching the sounds with the correct letters
  3. Blending the sounds to read the CVC words

kindergarten literacy

There are 10 mats contain the following words:

  • Cat, hat, rat, bat,
  • rug, mug
  • can man, pan fan

As you can see you see, we will be practicing those AT, UG, and AN sounds. All while having fun. How’s that for an easy win?

This would be an excellent activity to pull out for a spy week theme. It is also a helpful addition to your literacy centers.

kindergarten phonics

Kindergarten CVC Words

Simply download the files and print onto card stock. I would laminate the pages, so they last longer. Then cut out the mats.

That’s all there is to it! Pair the mats with magnetic letters and you are good to go.

As this is an activity for beginners, the words are only three letters long. We have also been careful to make sure that the pictures are not ambiguous in any way. You won’t wonder if a picture is a Hen or a Chicken. A Cap or a Hat. Just to be completely sure, we have also included an alphabet sheet. This has all the pictures and their corresponding letters in one place.

Kindergarten Literacy

  1. Invite children to look at each picture on the mat and say the word aloud.
  2. Demonstrate how to look through the letters to find the one that matches that sound.
  3. Place the letter in the space below the picture.
  4. Once they identify all three sounds, they can read the word aloud.

It might be helpful to review the beginning sound pictures with your students before doing this activity.

LOOKING FOR MORE SECRET CODES? – 6 Simple Secret Codes Your Kids Will Love

what is a CVC word

At first, you may want to restrict the magnetic letters to those used in the decoder mats. These letters are a b c f g h m n p r t u.

For extra writing practice, children can write each word they make on a sheet of paper. Invite children to choose a few words and compose a sentence. They could also write a story that includes some of the words.

Older children may enjoy making up their own mats. Give them several copies of the alphabet sheet. They can cut out the letters and glue them to a mat.

Does your child need extra practice sounding out and spelling cvc words? These handy CVCE worksheets are a great way to help kids practice long and short vowels. These free printable long and short vowels worksheets are perfect for first grade and 2nd grade students. Use the short vowel worksheets to sound out and then spell CVC and CVCe. These are great for reading and spelling practice for first grade and 2nd grade. Simply print pdf file with free short and long vowel assessment and you are ready to play and learn!   Check out this free printable, CVC Word Search set. Each of the word search worksheets comes with 6 consonant-vowel-consonant words to discover. Use a marker, crayon, or highlighter to mark each word that is found in this word search for Kindergarten. Word searches are great to use as transition activities and are also great for building concentration. Print out all 10 word search printable worksheets to improve reading and spelling phonics skills while having fun with kindergartners!  Kids will love learning cvc words with these fun and free Short Vowel Worksheets. With these short vowel sounds worksheets, children will learn about cvc words and the short a, e, i, o and u vowel sounds. These cvc worksheets are perfect for pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students. Simply print short vowel worksheets pdf and you are read to play and learn!  Help kids practice short o words with this free printable cvc short o worksheets. Children will have fun as they cut and paste with short o words and turn the pages into a cute booklet. This short o words for first grade, pre-k, and kindergarten helps kids practice sounding out and spelling short vowel words. Simply print short o worksheets and you are ready to practice reading short o words.

CVC Worksheets

FREE Crack the Code Worksheets - Become a detective and solve the case by deciphering the cvc words. These free worksheets will make practicing phonemic awareness, beginning sounds, reading, and spelling FUN! Simply print the pdf file with these free printable, Crack the Code Worksheets for pre k, kindergarten, and first grade students!  If you are looking for a fun way to help kids being Reading CVC Words, you will will love this free CVC printables for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students. This cvc words with pictures pdf free printable is such a fun way to help early readers work on sounding words out using phonics skills. Simply print cvc words with pictures pdf file with the CVC activities printable and you are ready to make learning fun! cvc word puzzles Crayon CVC words Activity

CVC Word Activities

Our free Star wars CVC word game makes it fun for Kindergarten students to practice reading and writing CVC words. Low prep and easy to use, this game will help kids build confidence as readers! Free printables include a game board and a variety of worksheets. This game can be used any time of year, but it is perfect for May Fourth. Kindergartners will have fun cooking up rhymes with this CVC Word Family activity! Simply print the FREE printable rhyming worksheets, read, and use dot markers to find the matching rhyming short vowel sound. free-planting-carrot-cvc-words-activity  FREE CVC Words Bump Game -fun, hands on liteeracy activity for kindergarten age students #cvcwords #kindergarten #homeschool #bumpgame #education

CVC Printables

Free printable lowercase alphabet cards to practice writing letters A-Z A to Z Alphabet Crafts - 26 super cute, step-by-step, alphabet handprint crafts for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids. Each also includes FREE alphabet worksheets for the hand art and to practice forming uppercase and lowercase letters. Perfect for letter of the week or to make a cute alphabet keepsake book. #alphabet #preschool #craftsforkids FREE Zoo Animals Color by Number Worksheets to help preschool and kindergarten age kids practice number recognition with numbers 1-10 #colorbynumber #preschool #kindergarten

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CVC Words Activity -this is such a fun, clever, hands-on and FREE phonics activity for prek and kinderfarten age kids as they work on learning the sounds letters make! Simply print free printable with secret code #cvcwords #kindergarten #phonics

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    Homeschooling doesnt give public funding like school and this is very helpful financially as all the books are adding up.
    Thank you for your creative inspiration and making learning fun and appealing.
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