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Initial Sounds Clip Cards

Learning beginning sounds is an important part of learning how to read and spell. It can easily become monotonous for kids, unless we make it fun! Using activities like these Beginning Sound Clip Cards is an easy way to help encourage kids to learn while still having fun with hands on activities.

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Initial Sounds Clip Cards

There are 40 clip cards in all. Each one has a different, easily identifiable picture. Under the picture are three options of beginning letters. Kids can say outloud the name of the picture and then work to find the letter that the word starts with. This is fantastic for children who are just learning to sound out and spell words but also great for extra practice for those that may already know how to spell.


Prep for this activity is super simple. First thing is to print out each of the sheets. There are 10 pages total. They all have 4 clip cards on each page.

Cut each of the cards out.

I like to laminate activities such as this to preserve the activity. Not only because kids are kids but because if you are using clothes pins, they will bend the paper easily.


I put the cards in a pile and have my daughter grab one at a time. We have used many different types of manipulatives, not just clothes pins. I created a list below of our favorites.

When the child states the word out loud and identifies the beginning sound, the manipulative is placed on the correct letter.

This is perfect for individual work, such as a literacy center.

Manipulatives For This Activity

Obviously clothes pins are fantastic for this activity. If you don’t have them or want to use something different, we have also used:

  • Pom Poms
  • Mini Erasers
  • Coins
  • Playdough
  • Rocks
  • Shopkins
  • doorables
  • Lego Minifigures

Alternative Ideas:

These clip cards can be used for more than just kids who are starting to learn beginning sounds. They can continue to use the clip cards in activities that stem with the clip cards but extend past just identifying the beginning sound.

After the child identifies the beginning letter, you can have the child write the word out on a recording sheet. The child write other words that start with the same letter. Another idea is for the student to write the word in a sentence.

beginning-sounds-clip-cards  middle-sounds-clip-cards  ending-sounds-clip-cards

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