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Snowflake Numbers

Do you have a child that needs to practice recognising number names, in fact reading number names? Do you have a child that needs to develop number sense or using a 100 chart? Then this snowflake numbers activity is for you!

Snowflake Numbers is a fun, FREE math game for kindergarten and 1st grade to practice counting to 100 and learning number words. #hundredschart #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #mathgames #education
Mathematical skills are so much more than simply counting or doing sums. It involves a complex ability to understand numbers, how they fit together and also what they are called. Use this snowflake numbers activity to practice a bunch of these skills in one go!
What do you need for this activity:
  • the free printable sheet and number names
  • any snowflake-type counters/manipulatives (we used these cute snowflake beads, but white mini pompoms or cotton wool balls can be used to represent the snowflakes too)
winter themed, free printable hundreds chart printable to help kindergarnters practice number words and counting to 100

Hundreds Chart Printable

Simply print and laminate(or use a dry-erase pocket that is more environmentally friendly) to be able to re-use the printout. Then cut the number name cards out. The child then picks a number name card, read it and find it on the 100 chart. Place a snowflake on the found number to keep track of the names already read. (Here the skills of recognising the number name and connecting it to the correct numeral comes in.)
Hundreds Chart Printable

Hundres Chart Game

  • Individual/Group game: Use a timer. See how fast you can read and find some or all of the numbers. Rapid response is developed with this game. Just note that children with additional learning needs might struggle with this and should be taking into account.
  • Play snowflake numbers Bingo! Each player receives a 100 chart and the number name cards go into the “pool”. Take turns to pick a card. Only that player then place a snowflake on that number on his/her chart. The player with 5 snowflakes in a row first(vertically, horizontally or diagonally), wins!
Hundres Chart Game
Practice reading and recognising number names and connecting it to the correct numeral with this snowflake numbers activity! Such fun learning during Winter!

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