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  1. Hello Beth,

    I have tried to subscribe numerous times and on all occasions I have not received the confirmation e-mail. I am DYING to use your skip counting maths resource with no luck. If you can help me that would be wonderful ­čÖé Thank you!


  2. What a great activity! Would you ever consider sending me a blank kite with blank flags so I could differentiate for some of my students who are not quite ready for 2’s and 5’s and 10’s. I’d like to make one starting at 20 and going up by 1’s and 30 going up by 1’s. Thank you for considering.

    1. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

      I can work on adding the numbers, but I cannot do blank clipart as that is a violation of the terms of use for the clipart I purchase to make the activty =)

  3. Thank you! My Year 1 students loved this activity!

  4. Thank you so much! Look forward to doing this craft with my pre-Ker and 1st grader

  5. KindergartenWorksheetsandGames says:

    Sorry for the confusion. It was meant to give options for those wanting to challenge students to figure out what number tassles to use. But I can see where you are coming from ­čśë The file has been updated to include only the numbers needed to save on prep work.

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