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Christmas Beginning Sounds Matching


FREE Christmas Beginning Sounds Matching - kids will have fun practicing identifying the sounds letters make with this Christmas phonics, ABC matching game. This is perfect literacy activity for preschool and kindergarten #preschool #kindergarten #literacy #beginningsounds #alphabetactivity #christmaslearning

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Christmas Beginning Sounds Matching

Kindergarten kids will enjoy ‘building the Christmas stockings’ as they work on their beginning sounds with these fun mats. There are beginning sound pictures and alphabet letter cards to match. Print the learning mats, laminate them and you’re set to go.


To prepare:

  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Laminator

Print as many mats as you need for the number of students in your class – You can print these mats 2 per page so that way you can cut them up and save paper, be sure to laminate the ‘gift factory’ mats along with the gift letter cards. There are letters a-z gift cards and a random mix of beginning sound pictures on the gift factory mats but 36 picture sounds in total.


Christmas ABC Matching

Use these mats to help kids develop beginning sounds skills. Start by getting the kids to choose a random ‘gift letter card’. They identify the letter on the card and then look for a picture on the mat that starts with the same letter. My ESL kids love doing this activity and I find that the second time around, they are able to do this more easily as they remember the name of the pictures on the mats! A great way to build letter knowledge as well as beginning sounds skills. KIDS love them! Combining a Christmas theme along with these learning mats work really well for reluctant kids who do not enjoy ‘sit down’ work.

This game can also be played in a group as a competition between two teams (or tables). Have the mats printed on large A3 poster paper and get the kids playing on these. Be sure to print the gift cards also on A3 paper (nice and large) for the little ones to match. Use and re-use these mats EVERY season!


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