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20 Nursery Rhymes that teach Counting

Nursery rhymes are enjoyed by young children and it teaches so much: from language and literacy to numeracy to social skills and all kind of other skills. Here are 20 Nursery Rhymes that teach Counting perfect for teaching counting!

20 Nursery Rhymes that teach Counting

20 Nursery Rhymes that teach Counting

Starting off with a list of rhymes (with words) that specifically help with simple counting.

Oh, and here is a nursery rhymes curriculum you might find interesting.

A cute rhyme for Fall is Five Little Pumpkins , make pipecleaner pumpkin finger puppets or get counting with stickers.

Another popular rhyme is Itsy Bitsy Spider, or do you say Incy Wincy Spider? Play this Itsy Bitsy Spider race to 20 Math game, so fun!

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Sing 5 Little Ducks and make this rock craft and play out the rhyme or print and color the ducks.

This DIY Felt set is just too cute, perfect for a felt story board!

Make Five Currant Buns for pretend play, perfect for a kindergarten classroom.

Use this Five Little Monkeys sing and stick printable activity or make a bed from a box and use monkeys on craft sticks for THIS fun fine motor and counting activity.

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Count AND learn to read time with a paper plate and a fidget spinner pairing it with Hickory Dickory Dock .

Make a shape craft clock or use numbered pegs to clip around a cardboard clock.

Make cute pirate finger puppets and say/sing the rhyme Five Little Pirates.

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I love this idea for the rhyme Five Little Speckled Frogs : finger puppets from a cut glove!

Alternatively, use a cardboard roll or pool noodle to manipulate the frogs as you sing.

Fish for magnetic numbered fish and order it to go along with the rhyme 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive… or set up this fun Tuff spot activity.

Count and help Little Bo Peep who has lost her sheep with this sensory activity using colored shaving foam.

So many fun nursery rhyme activities that teach counting! Which activity will you try out with your child first?

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  • These activities are so cute and educational, thank you so much! Our island was hit by a very strong hurricane several weeks ago and we've lost many resources; these activities are very easy to put together and I'm sure they will make my kids happy as well! ?

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