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Handprint Christmas Wreath

Today we are sharing a cute and simple Handprint Christmas Wreath Craft. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have the sweetest wreath made out of cut-out handprints! These make a great kid-made Christmas Decoration to keep the house festive all season.

Christmas Wreath Handprint Craft for Kids - this super cute, and easy to make hand art project is a cute holiday decoration or precious keepsake and kid made gift for grandparents. #christmascrafts #handprintart #christmas #craftsforkids #preschool #toddler #kindergarten

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Handprint Christmas Wreath

The personal touch with the handprints is our favorite part. We actually made one of these Christmas Wreaths in a similar way last Christmas, and comparing the handprints and seeing how they’ve grown was really fun.

Easy Construction Paper Christmas Craft


  • green construction paper
  • paper plate (we used a dessert size)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • optional decorations: red (or other color) paper, beads, ribbons, stickers, etc.

To decorate our wreath after making the handprint base, we used red ribbon to make a bow. We also used red construction paper to cut circles and grouped them to look like berries. This is the part to get creative! You use stickers, colorful paper, pom poms, and more to make ornaments or other decorations for your wreath.

First, trace the child’s handprint onto a piece of green construction paper. Next, cut out the center of the paper plate. This will make a ring to glue the handprints onto.

cute handprint craft for December

Now it’s time to cut out the handprints. To do this easily, stack a few pieces of construction paper together, using the traced handprint as a template to cut many at the same time. Continue cutting out handprints until you have enough to go around the paper plate ring.

toddler, preschool, kindergarten wreath craft

After cutting out the handprints, it’s time to glue them onto the paper plate.

Glue them around the edge. We glue our on with the fingers facing the same direction, going around the plate, but this would also look nice with the fingers all pointing outwards.

Continue until the paper plate is covered with the handprints.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Now you can decorate the wreath how you would like! This is the fun part. Get creative with cut pieces of paper, stickers, pom poms, ribbon, and more!

We used red cut paper circles, and a red ribbon to make a traditional Christmas wreath.

After your the glue dries, your beautiful Christmas Wreath is complete and ready to gift to someone special or deck the halls of your home!


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