Friday, June 22, 2018

Sandcastle Color Matching Activity for Kids

Ocean, sun, sand and sandcastles! Summer is almost here! Are your children(and you) excited for the hot season? Get in the mood with this fun sandcastle color matching activity using cardboard rolls! 


Color Matching Game

This color matching activity is perfect for young kids to practice color matching skills(in fact it is visual discrimination, a skill needed for reading and Maths too). It also develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!

What you need:
  • cardboard rolls
  • colored craft sticks
  • corresponding colors of craft foam/cardboard for the flags
  • corresponding color paint/markers
  • glue/glue dots/glue gun

I only used 6 colors and one flag for each "sandcastle", however, you can add as many flags and more colors too! Also, you do not need to have the same size sandcastles, change it up for variety. Cut the cardboard rolls so that it resembles sandcastles. Paint/draw a colored mark on each sandcastles. Cut the triangles for the flags and then attach it to the craft sticks. That is it! Now it is time to play and learn! Ask you child/student to add the correct color flag to the corresponding color sandcastle.


More ideas with this setup: Replace the colors on the sandcastles with numbers or letters and add numbers or letters to the flags for fun number or letter matching! A fun Summer themed color matching activity to kick off Summer learning!


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