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CVC Words Bump Game

Grab this Free CVC Game kindergarten students will love to practice CVC words. Children will practice sounding out and reading 12 different words. They are perfect for literacy centers and to send home for extra practice.

FREE CVC Bump Game for Kindergarten - Grab this Free CVC Game kindergarten students will love to practice CVC words. Children will practice sounding out and reading 12 different words. They are perfect for literacy centers and to send home for extra practice. 

Most children love playing games. And let’s face it games make learning fun, so why not take advantage to sneak in some extra practice? I love incorporating games into learning time, whether it is math or reading.

This simple Bump Game is a fun way to have children practice reading CVC words. We know that practice makes perfect when it comes to reading, so a game is the best way to make it fun.

If the kids are having fun, they will want to do the activity and that makes life so much easier.


What are CVC words?

A CVC word is made up of a consonant, vowel, and consonant sounds. In these words, all the letters are pronounced, so that children can easily sound them out. Example of CVC words are cat, tap or map.

These words are perfect for early readers. They are easy to decode and so help children to experience success in reading. Something that is almost as important as practice.

Teacher Tip: Difficulty hearing individual sounds and blending them is a symptom of Dyscaulia. Watch out for students who fall behind and continue to struggle even with extra help. Find out more here.

fun, hands on cvc word activity for kindergarten age students

CVC Game

We created a free CVC games for kindergarten exclusively for you readers. Children love games and you will find that it is a very engaging activity. You can expect it to become a class favorite!

The best part is that it is very easy to prep and doesn’t require a lot of materials. We have made the game in color and black and white. We know that many teachers do not have access to color printers, so black and white one is for you.

cvc word games to help kindergartners practice rhyming and word families

CVC Word Games

This game practices three different skills

  • Sounding out each of the three letters
  • Blending those 3 sounds to read the CVC words,
  • Matching the words to a corresponding picture (comprehension)

This game practices 12 CVC words and includes word cards and game boards.

FREE CVC Words Bump Game -fun, hands on liteeracy activity for kindergarten age students #cvcwords #kindergarten #homeschool #bumpgame #education

We have 2 of each of the following

  • -ap words (tap & map)
  • -at words (cat & hat)
  • -et words (net & jet)
  • -en words (hen & pen)
  • -in words (pin & bin)
  • -ug words (mug & rug

This game is the perfect way to help the students learn some CVC words. It is great for literacy centers, but you could also send parents the link and suggest that they make their own set.

Kindergarten Games

Phonics Games for Kids

You will need

  • The game pdf (scroll to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> Download <<. The pdf file will open for you to save and print in color.)
  • Card stock
  • Large foam cube
  • Small counters
  • Laminator (optional)

Print game boards and cards on card stock or laminate for durability if you wish. Cut out word cards and tape or stick each word cards onto each face of a large rolling cube. Make sure that you don’t mix up the words for the two games.

NOTE: the cards are designed for a 4-inch cube. You can use a smaller one but will have to adjust the size of the word cards.

CVC Bumb Game for kinder

Kindergarten Games

To play this educational game for kindergartners you will need to give each player different colored game markers.

  • The first player rolls the cube and sounds out the word.
  • They then find the corresponding picture on the game board.
  • Place their marker on the picture
  • They can bump off the counter belonging to other players and place their own counter on the picture.
  • If a player already has a marker on the picture, they place a second one on the picture and that is now frozen. Frozen pictures cannot be bumped.
  • The game is over when all the pictures are frozen.
  • The winner is the player who freezes the most pictures.


Use a permanent marker to print the words on a cube shaped wooden block.

Make a paperclip spinner and print the words on it. You can find instructions here and a blank spinner template here (you will need spinner #3)


  • Invite children to roll a cube and write a sentence that includes that word.
  • Older children could roll 2-3 times and write a story that uses all the words.

What are your favorite CVC activities? Do your students love a particular game? Comment below.

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CVC Words Activites

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Wondering what are cvc words? Grab this Free CVC game kindergarten students will love to practice CVC words; practice sounding out and reading 12 different words.

Download CVC Words Game

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