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Spring Clip Cards for Kindergarten Math

Are you looking for a simple math game to help your students practice their basic math skills? These colorful Spring Clip Cards for Kindergarten Math are easy to prep and use. They will be a great addition (forgive the pun) to your resource library. They also have a lovely spring feel, so they are perfect for this time of year.

FREE Spring Clip Cards for Kindergarten Math - kids will have fun practicing counting and addition with these spring themed math games #spring #kindergarten #kindergartenmath


I’m a huge fan of count and clip cards for preschool and kindergarten kids. You can come up with so many variations and younger children seem to really enjoy playing with them.

I love that children can have fun learning basic math skills and at the same time work on their fine motor skills. How’s that for a win?


Spring Clip Cards for Kindergarten Math

These spring count and clip cards are super easy to prepare (see the instructions below). Once they are ready, you add a few clothespins and you have a ready-made math center!

They can also be used as a quiet game for early finishers! You can easily make this a cooperative activity. Just ask students to pair up and work together to find the correct answers.

If you are looking for a fun, educational spring activity for kindergarnters you will love these LOW PREP cards.

Start by printing the pages you want to work on in color. I suggest laminating for durability. Then cut apart the cards and set them out with clothespins – you are ready for a fun, educational spring activity for kindergarten.

There are two sets of count and cards:

Super cute spring counting clip cards for kindergarten and math activity for preschoolers

Spring Count and Clip Cards

The first set contains basic count and clip cards. You know the drill. Children select a clip card and count the number of spring items on the card. They clip a clothespin on the correct number. Repeat until all the cards are clipped.

This is a great math activity for preschoolers and kindergarten age kids that focuses on counting to 10.

Spring addition game for kindergarten age kids

Spring Addition Clip Cards

The second set has simple addition problems. Children select a clip card and solve the addition equation. They clip a clothespin to the correct answer. Repeat until all the cards are clipped.

This kindergarten math game is perfect for practice addition.  For a great addition visual, set the cards out with the included  number lines and manipulatives to assist children with their addition.

Teacher’s Tip: Help you students check their answer by marking the correct answer on the back of the card with a dot. They can turn the cards over and see if they clipped the clothespin to the right spot!

FREE Spring Addition Clip Cards - such a fun, hands on math activity to practice addition with kindergarten age kids


Place each into a container with some clothespins.

These cards are designed for independent play at the Kindergarten level. But, you can use both sets with your preschoolers. They will need more help from you. Show the cards and count the items together and decide which number to clip. You can use the addition set as well. We would recommend using manipulatives, such as blocks, to add the two numbers.

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