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Number Sense Activity – Stamping Pumpkin Numbers

Who is excited that Fall is almost here? Perhaps it is time to get Back to School or start school at home? Either way, make learning fun with this pumpkin numbers stamping activity. This number sense activity works on number recognition, teen numbers, number words, and more as you make a numbers pumpkin patch!

Who is excited that Fall is almost here? Perhaps it is time to get Back to School or start school at home? Either way, make learning fun with this pumpkin numbers stamping activity to make a numbers pumpkin patch!

Stamping Pumpkin Numbers

Simply print the printable pumpkin cards with the numbers. TIP: You can laminate the cards before cutting to make it last longer. Gather paper, markers or pencils/crayons and your number stamps.

There are numbered pumpkins up to 20 with numbers and numerals. You might want to start with only the pumpkins 1-10 for younger kids. Older kids might need a reminder about place value- which number goes in the Tens place and which one in the Ones place.

Pumpkin Math Activity

Pumpkin Math Activity

Pick a pumpkin card and say the number. (Here children recognize the number, use their vocabulary, and practicing their pronunciation too- to say the number.) Find the stamps that will make this number. Stamp the number onto the paper. Remember your Tens and Ones spaces if picking a card between 10 and 20!

When picking a card that requires the child to read and recognize the number in word form, is another skill practiced with this fun activity.

Number Stamps Activity

Number Stamps Activity

Then, use your marker/pencil/crayon to draw a pumpkin around the number.

Number Stamps Activity

Pumpkin Printable

Pick all the pumpkins, stamp and draw them all to make your number pumpkin patch! Decorate your pumpkin patch further, if you wish, with hay bales, greenery and even a scarecrow!

Number Sense Activity

Number Sense Activity

Extention Activity: After completion of the pumpkin patch, keep the paper and reuse it! Pick a pumpkin number card and place a pompom or mini pumpkin eraser on the corresponding stamped pumpkin in your pumpkin patch! Or even use it with playdough! Roll playdough pumpkins and cover the number picked!

PUmpkin Number REcognition

Such a fun way to revise numbers and numerals with this pumpkin numbers stamping activity. Perfect learning during Fall and great for developing all kinds of skills too!

pumpkin-count-and-trace-kindergarten-math fall number mats with playdough 

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