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FREE Spring Letter Reversal Worksheets

Even children who are wildly successful with reading and writing, might still have a problem with letter reversal. It is common and sometimes even expected for some children to have an issue. These Spring Letter Reversal Worksheets will help kids get things sorted out.
Letter Reversal Worksheets

Spring Activities for Kids

The best way I know how to help my daughter is to give her fun, hands on activities that have a focus but keep her entertained as well. She loves school work but when they have fun themes like this Spring Flower Letter Reversal Activities, there is no doubt they will enjoy practicing.

This activity pack has 7 pages all together.

Spring Letter Reversal Worksheets



These two pages go together. The first page has a table with one square for each letter: b, d, p and q. The second page has popcorn pieces with the four letters on them. Cut these popcorn pieces out and combine them into a random pile. Have the child sort them out and put in the correct square. If using this one time only, the letters can be glued onto the right square.


If laminating, the items can just be placed there or velcro dots could be used.
The next page is for repetition. Each square of the table asks the child to write the letter in a different form. First they can trace, next they can write it alone, write with a crayon and then write a word that starts with that letter.




The fourth page is a space to circle the correct letter. On the first line it instructs children to circle the b, then the d, etc.




The fifth page is extra popcorn letter pieces. You could easily print more of just this page as well. I created this so that a matching game could be played. Depending on how many pieces you want in the matching game is how many pages you should print out.


The last page is for writing more words. There are two lines per letter. I try to help my daughter without doing it for her. If she chooses a word I will let her sound it out and try to spell it on her own.


These activities may be simple but they can be highly effective. Whether you are laminating to use over and over or just using it in an effort to help correct the letter reversal your kids will love it! Add these to your garden theme unit or a spring unit for extra fun.


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