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Kindergarten Book List

Teaching your child to read is easy with this must-read kindergarten book list. It includes leveled readers that will use phonics and sight words to give your child practice reading.

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Kindergarten Book List

In kindergarten, you will be amazed at how much your child learns. At the beginning of the year, they’ll be able to read simple text. As the year progresses, you’ll notice that they can read more difficult words and sentences. This must-read kindergarten book list includes books that come in boxed sets, non-fiction books, and leveled readers. Let’s get started with the Level 1 books!



Level 1 Kindergarten Book List

If you’re looking for fun books that are the perfect level for your kindergartner, then Level 1 books are just what you need. These must-read leveled readers are designed to let kids read independently. Your child will be able to combine what they know about sight words with phonics as they sound out words and read sentences.

  1. May I Please Have a Cookie? – Not only will this book give your kindergartner a chance to read independently, but it will also help teach manners!
  2. Big Shark, Little Shark – Your kindergartner will enjoy sounding out words in this book as they learn all about opposites.
  3. Get the Giggles – Nurture your child’s sense of humor while teaching them to read with this beginning book. It’s a book of jokes!
  4. Please Write Back – In this book, Alfie writes a letter to his grandma. He gets to do everything, including putting a stamp on it! After reading this, your kindergartener will want to write a letter of their own.
  5. I Spy School – I Spy books make the “favorite” list of many school-aged kids! Now, your kindergartner can both read and “spy” with this book.
  6. My First Kids Jokes – This joke book is perfect for children just starting to read! What a humorous way to learn to read!
  7. There’s a Mouse in the House – What happens when a mouse comes to stay in your house? Find out with this beginning reader!
  8. Who Wears Glasses? – There are so many different kinds of glasses in this early reader! Which kind will be your kindergartner’s favorite?
  9. Monster Math Picnic – Combine math and reading with this level 1 book for kindergartners.

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Lovable Character Kindergarten Books

Some books are special because of the characters in them! This list of kindergarten books is filled with lovable characters that will get your kids excited about reading. From Clifford to Silly Milly, your child will feel right at home reading books with these characters.

  1. I Will Take a Nap: An Elephant and Piggie Book – Elephant and Piggie are two characters that will quickly become your kindergartner’s favorites.
  2. Mac and Cheese – Mac and Cheese might seem like a delicious, cheesy meal; however, that’s not the case in this book. Instead, Mac and Cheese are the very lovable main characters.
  3. Silly Milly – Will your child be able to guess why Silly Milly likes certain words? This beginning reader is filled with riddles and rhymes.
  4. Clifford’s Class Trip – If your child loves Clifford then they’ll love reading this book independently! Clifford gets to go on a class trip with Emily Elizabeth. What adventures will he have?
  5. Ready for Kindergarten, Stinky Face? – Your kindergartner will relate with Stinky Face as he starts kindergarten himself.
  6. Hippo & Rabbit in Three Short Tales – Even though they’re different, Hippo and Rabbit are best friends. Follow them on their adventures with these three tales.

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Kindergarten Boxed Sets

Boxed sets are perfect for kindergartners learning to read. These sets include levels A-C, which means that your child can start their kindergarten year reading level A and progress to level C as they become better readers. Each boxed set includes books that will help your child attain that goal!

  1. First Little Readers: Guided Reading Level A – This boxed set comes complete with 25 books that will help your kindergartner develop their reading skills. Titles are sure to keep your child interested, from Fun in the Mud to Birthday Surprise.
  2. Pete the Cat Phonics Box – Your kindergartner needs to practice both short and long vowel sounds. With Pete the Cat, they’ll get the chance to do so!
  3. Marvel Meet the Super Heroes! – Do you have a little superhero in your life? Then this kindergarten boxed set will delight them.
  4. Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers – These Bob Books uses consistency and simplicity to help your kindergartner learn to read. With each book, your child will gradually be introduced to new words and sounds.
  5. Folk & Fairy Tale Easy Readers – Use classic fairy tales and folk tales to teach your kindergartner to read. These 15 stories include favorites such as Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs.
  6. Peppa Phonics Boxed Set – Your child will use their phonics skills to sound out the words in this beginning book. With the focus on short vowel words, your child will quickly become a proficient reader.
  7. First Little Comics: Levels A & B – Comics are perfect for beginner readers. With fun characters and easy to read word bubbles, your kindergartner will love this boxed set.
  8. Newmark Learning Rising Readers Leveled Books – Focus on learning to read and comprehension with this set of leveled readers.
  9. Learn to Read with Tug the Pup and Friends – Tug the Pup is here to help your kindergartner learn to read. With levels A-C in this boxed set, you can use it all year long as your child becomes a better reader.

Non-Fiction Kindergarten Books

In addition to fiction books, make sure you also give your kindergartner the chance to non-fiction books as well. Not only should your child have the opportunity to read different genres of books, they’ll also love the vivid photos that come along with it! From tadpoles to trucks, your kindergartener will learn so much with these must-read non-fiction readers.

  1. From Tadpole to Frog – Follow the life cycle of a frog with this non-fiction book. Starting with a tadpole, readers will learn about how a tadpole turns into a frog.
  2. Polar Animals – How can a polar animal survive in cold? Find out with this beginning reader book that’s perfect for kindergarteners.
  3. Ocean Life – The ocean is filled with fantastic creatures. In this book, readers will learn about some of these, including dolphins, whales and more.
  4. On the Road – In this beginner reader, kindergarteners will get the chance to read all about vehicles. From buses to motorcycles, kids will enjoy learning about vehicles.
  5. Bats – With this non-fiction book, beginner readers will learn about bats, including their habitat, eating habits, and more!
  6. Guided Science Readers: Level A – This boxed set combines simple text and vibrant photos to help your child be successful as they learn to read. Topics include pumpkins, whales and more!

That concludes our must-read kindergarten book list. Enjoy these books together, and your child will be an expert reader by the time they finish kindergarten!

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