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A to Z of Toilet Roll Crafts

Start saving your cardboard rolls, you need lots of them to make all of these fun alphabet toilet roll crafts.

Alphabet toilet paper roll crafts - so many really fun, creative, and unique crafts for kids of all ages #alphabet #toiletpaperroll #craftsforkids

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet roll crafts are a fun addition to ‘letter of the week’ activities, and a great hands on way to learn about the alphabet. Make an angel, a butterfly , or a hungry caterpillar! There are enough
cardboard roll craft ideas on this to make something for every letter of the alphabet.

Each letter of the alphabet has a toilet roll craft or activity (or two, or three) to go with it. No matter what letter your kids are learning there is a fun craft to make to go with it.


TP Roll Crafts

toilet paper roll crafts for a is for apple, b is for bat, c is for car, d is for dragon

A is for apple, and angel.

B is for bunny, bee, bat and butterfly.

C is for car, castle, cat, and caterpillar.

D is for dragon, dinosaur, and dog

cardboard tube crafts for letter e, f, g, and h

E is for elephant, and eagle.

F is for flowers, fish, firefly, and frog.

G is for goat, ghost and glasses.

H is for haircut, horse and hedgehog.

letter i, j, k, and, l toilet paper roll crafts

I for ice castle, and insect.

J is for jellyfish

K is for king, kazoo, and knitting.

L is for leprechaun, ladybug, lion, and lizard.

fun to make toilet paper roll crafts for m,n,o, p

M is for monsters, microphone, and mermaid.

N is for ninja, and narwhal.

O is for owl, and octopus.

P is for pirate, parrot, penguin, and peacock.

super cute tp crafts for letter q, r, s and t

Q is for queen.

R is for rocket, rainbow, and robot.

S is for scarecrow, space shuttle, sheep, and snowman.

T is for tree, tiger, and turkey.

toilet paper roll crafts for letter u, v, w, and z

U is for underpants and unicorn.

V is for vulture, and volcano.

W is for windmill, wolf, and wookie.

X is for x-ray.

y is for yoda and z is for zebra toilet paper roll craft

Y is for yak, and yoda.

Z is for zebra.


TP Roll Crafts

So many amazing cardboard tube crafts from A to Z to help kids have fun with the alphabet and a letter of the weekThere are so many fun cardboard tube crafts on this list! You’ll be kept busy for days making something for every letter of the alphabet! Plus, if you are looking for even more TP roll crafts you will love these 55 Toilet Paper RolL Crafts

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