Alphabet Alphabet Activities Crafts for Kids

Alphabet Paper Plate Crafts

These alphabet paper plate crafts are perfect for teaching letters to crafty kids.

Alphabet Paper Plate Crafts! Several ideas for each letter from A to Z! These are great for toddler, preschool, prek, and kindergarten kids learning their letters or a letter of the week program. #alphabet #paperplate #crafts

Paper Plate Crafts

Make a paper plate craft to learn your letters from A to Z with all these fun clever ideas for an apple, bee, a car and so much more! There are so many fun ideas on this list.

These fun paper plate crafts for kids are perfect for ‘letter of the week’ themes, or for making a paper plate alphabet to put up on your wall. Each letter of the alphabet has a paper plate craft (or two, or three, or more!) to go with it. No matter what letter you are teaching there is a fun alphabet craft to go with it.

So many fun alphabet craft ideas using paper plates

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

A is for apple, angel, and alligator.

B is for bunny, butterfly, bee, and bear.


C is for cat, carrot, crown, cow, car, and caterpillar.

D is for dragon, dinosaur, dog, drum, and ducks.

paper plate crafts for letter e f g h

E is for elephant, earth, Elmo, and egg.

F is for fish, frog, flowers, flamingo and fox.

G is for garbage truck, garden, giraffe, and groundhog

H is for hedgehog, and hot air balloon, and hippopotamus.

paper plate crafts for letter i j k l

I for insects, and ice cream.

J is for jellyfish

K is for koala and kite

L is for ladybug, and llama, and lion

paper plate crafts for letter m n o p

M is for mouse, and monsters, and mazes, and mermaids.

N is for nest, and necklace, and narwhal.

O is for owl, and octopus

P is for penguin, and pineapple, and pig, and peacock and parrot.

paper plate crafts for letter q r s t

Q is for quilt

R is for rainbow, and racoon, and rocket.

S is for snowman, scuba mask, snake, submarine, sheep, and strawberry.

T is for turkey, and turtle, and tiger, and tacos!

paper plate crafts for letter u v w x

U is for umbrella, unicorn, and and Uncle Sam.

V is for veggie garden, and Valentines Day.

W is for watermelon, and walrus, and whale.

X is for xray bones.

paper plate crafts for letters y and z

Y is for Yoda and yarn.

Z is for zoo and zebra.

A to Z Paper Plate Crafts - so many clever ideas for each letter #preschool #kindergarten #alphabetcrafts

Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Whether you are making a submarine for the letter S, or a zebra for the letter Z there is sure to be a paper plate craft idea on this list to fit your letter!

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