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FREE Snorkel Counting to 10

Kids will have fun practicing counting and tracing numbers 1-10 with these FREE Snorkel Counting to 10 kindergarten math worksheets. FREE Snorkle Counting to 10 - these kindergarten math worksheets are a fun way for kids to practicing counting and writing numbers 1-10. #kindergarten #mathworksheets #counting

Counting to 10

Learning to count is the first step most children take into math. Once the counting begins the children take off into learning skip counting, addition, subtraction, and so much more. Download your copy of Counting 1 to 10 to give your child practice in writing numbers, counting, and general counting concepts. Your child will have fun coloring by number and enjoying the snorkeling theme just in time for the warmer months. You can expand on the concept by teaching 6 shells plus 2 shells equals 8. Continue on with subtraction and even skip counting. Practice tracing numbers 1-10 with these summer worksheets for preschool and kindergarten age kids

Numbers 1-10

-On the writing pages of the downloads have your child count out loud each shell. You can have fun by allowing your child to count backwards. -Once your child counts the shells as your child what total would be if you added 5 shells, etc. You can then ask, “What would the total be if we took 3 shells away?” -Expand beyond the worksheets and have your child count while going up the steps or helping you in the kitchen. Continue on in the same manner as above by asking “How many more eggs would I need if I wanted a total of 5 eggs?” Ask casually, and see how your child comes up with his response.  

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

-Have your child quiz you back! The best way to know how much someone knows about the subject is have them teach it. Have a little fun and see if your child catches you making a mistake. Whatever you do just have fun so your child will approach math in a positive way. Children understand mathematical concepts before they can express them on paper. It is important to connect what they understand to common equations like addition and subtraction. Your child will have an easier time with worksheets once the connections are made.

FREE Summer Pool Writing Numbers  FREE Farm Bingo Marker Numbers Worksheets

Practice counting to 20 as you add beach balls to the free pool counting cards. Then trace the number and number word for a complete summer math activity for kindergartners!

These adorable Farm Bingo Marker Number Worksheets allow kids to practice counting and tracing numbers 1-10. Make your own Pet Shop Emergent Reader that counts animals from 1-20. You will love these LOW PREP, Trace and Erase strips that allow kids to practice writing numbers 1-20.  

Download Snorkel Tracing Numbers

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