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FREE Watermelon Fact Family

These super cute, free printable Watermelon Fact Family worksheets are such a fun way for kindergarten and first graders practice with hands on math worksheets.
FREE printable Watermelon fact families are such a fun way for kindergarten and first graders practice with hands on math worksheets. #factfamily #watermleonworksheets #mathworksheets #kindergartenmath #firstrademath #kindergaten #kindergartenworksheetsandgames

Not much legitimately scares me when it comes to teaching my daughter. The one thing that does, though, is math. I can teach her addition and subtraction but when she gets older, I think I’ll be learning again right alongside her. For now, though, we are having fun with our themed math activities. Have you taught fact families, also known as fact triangles, before? They are actually pretty fun. Especially when they have fun themes like watermelon! I chose watermelon because it is a fun natural triangle shape, clever right? A fact family is a group of math facts that use the same numbers. For this activity we are practicing addition and subtraction.

For example the fact family could be 9, 4 and 5. 5+4=9 4+5=9 9-4=5 9-5=4

This obviously doesn’t work for all completely random numbers, but putting the right numbers down can help kids understand the connection between addition and subtraction. This also helps them memorize basic math equations.

Watermelon Fact Family

fact family
We printed off both pages of the sheet. The first has a few sets of fact families that kids can practice. This will help you introduce fact families to them for the first time or give them a refresh if they aren’t completely ready.
The second page can be laminated and used with a dry erase marker. This is the fact family template and the numbers can be plugged in over and over.
math worksheets

Other Ideas:

If needed, using counters or manipulatives to show the numbers on the side of the paper, that is completely fine. Kids can separate the larger number (9) into the smaller numbers (4 & 5) to visually show how the fact family works. The examples shown are only with single digit numbers, but this same concept can be used for larger numbers as well. This is fantastic for kids who may already understand the fact family concept but growing into larger numbers. They will feel comfortable with the process and that will help them have confidence with the larger numbers.

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