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FREE Kindergarten Spring Worksheets

You will love these NO PREP, Free Spring  Worksheets helping kids practice Kindergarten math and literacy. Use these worksheets for morning work, with the whole class, or in math and literacy centers. They are also great for homework, extra practice or as sheets to give to early learners

FREE Spring Worksheets for Kindergarten age kids to have fun while practicing math and literacy. These are NO PREP #kindergaten #kindergartenworksheets #springprintables

Do you find that your students start to get restless right about now? The longer, warmer days hold the promise of summer and the school year just seems just a little too long. Springtime heralds the beginning of the home stretch. We have three months left to work on those literacy and math skills. It can be a challenge to keep kids focused.

Spring Worksheets

I find that engaging worksheets can be a huge help. So, I’m excited to share this free set of Math and Literacy printables with you.

There are 6 worksheets in this FREE set. All you need to do is download, print and go. I’ve designed them in black and white. This will save you ink of course, but it also gives early finishers a coloring project if necessary. The worksheets incorporate a lot of spring clip art. We have frogs, birds, butterflies, and flowers. There are a few kites, sunshine and umbrellas.

Kindergarten math worksheets for spring

Kindergarten Math

The first worksheet asks children to count and record the spots on butterfly wings. Students can then add the spots together to find the total. The spots are helpful cues to help children visualize the numbers and add them together. They are great way for young learners learning how to do addition.

The second page of this printable set helps children practice their number facts up to 10. It includes a number line for those who still need a little extra help. You may also want to provide 10 manipulatives as well.

The third worksheet uses ten frames. Students read the number and then fill in the correct number of squares. Ten frames also help students visualize numbers. Our numbering system is in base 10, so our numbers consist of tens and ones. Working with ten frames helps kids see this and gets them ready to work with larger numbers.

Spring Kindergarten Literacy Worksheets freebie

Kindergarten Literacy

The fourth worksheets is a quick way to do some syllable work. Dividing words into syllables helps with the process of decoding. Students read each word in turn, clap the syllables, and then circle the correct number. You may have to show students how to do this.

The fifth worksheet provides some practice with beginning sounds. Students will look at each picture, say the name aloud, and then select the correct letter.

The last worksheet is an easy practice sheet for upper and lower case letters. Students cut out the letters at the bottom of the sheet. Then they look at the upper case letter in the cloud, choose the correct lower case letter and glue it into place. Tracing the upper and lower case letters completes this activity.

So that’s it. Now all you have to do is download print and use. Are you ready for Spring in your classroom?

Spring worksheets for kindergartners


Kindergarten Worksheets to practice math and literacy in the spring - FREEBIE

Download Kindergarten Spring Worksheets

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