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Blueberries for Sal Math Activity

Make Math Extra Sweet and Fun With Blueberries for Sal Math Activity.  Blueberries For Sal has been a perennial favorite for children for many years. I have to confess, as popular as it seems to be, I never read it until I had children of my own. It’s one of our favorite books when warmer weather hits. We love to read it before we head out berry picking! The book is also a perfect introduction to the concept of hibernation in fall. I put together a simple math game that kids love, in order to pack a bit more learning into our story time. Read on to check it out!

Blueberries for Sal Math Activity - this is such a fun hands on math activity for preschool, prek, kindergarten and first grade perfect for summer. Just print free printable math game so learn about greater than and less than #blueberriesforsal #kindergarten #kindergartenmath

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Blueberries for Sal Math Activity

Robert McCloskey wrote and illustrated Blueberries For Sal, which was originally published in 1948. The book chronicles the adventures of young Sal and her mother, as well as a bear duo of mama and cub. The text is fairly simple, but has significant substance, making it a great choice for kids who like a longer read aloud.


My kids love all the onomatopoeia spread throughout the story. Words like ‘kuplink’ and ‘garumpf’ are novel to read, and fun for children to say. The illustrations are quaint and charming, with an old fashioned appeal. The monochromatic artwork really captures the eyes of young listeners.


Children will enjoy the story about a silly mix-up between a child and a bear cub while out berry picking with their mothers. Blueberries For Sal is a Caldecot Honor classic that is a must-read.

Blueberries for Sal Math Activity

You Will Need:

  • Free printable blueberry math game page.
  • Small brass fastener.
  • Fine tipped scissors.
  • Manipulatives to represent blueberries.
    • Beads, pom-poms, buttons, or small balls of Play Doh work well.
    • Alternatively, you can laminate the game board and use a dry erase marker to draw berries.
  • One or two numbered die.
Cutting Circle

How To Assemble The Game:

  1. First use scissors to cut along the horizontal dotted line.
  2. Next use scissors to cut out the white circle along the dotted line.
  3. With the scissors, poke a small hole in the black dots on the wheel and the game board.
  4. Attach the white wheel to the game board using a small brass fastener.
  5. Gather your manipulatives and get ready to play!
Rolling Dice

How To Play:

  1. Each player gets their own game board.
  2. Players take turns rolling the die. Each roll of the die represents how many ‘blueberries’ to place in one of the jars.
    1. If playing with one dice, player should roll it twice.
    2. If playing with two die, player can roll them both at once.
  3. When each jar is filled with the appropriate number of blueberries, players should compare the quantities.
  4. When a player has determined which jar is more full, they should rotate the wheel to indicate if the first jar is ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ the second jar.
  5. This is also a great game for kids to play independently, perfect for a little productive quiet time!


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