Monday, June 26, 2017

30 Kindergarten Sight Words Activities

Learning to read is a struggle until kids master some of the basic sight words. Much of Kindergarten focuses on learning how to read basic CVC words and how to recognize simple sight words. Use these fun kindergarten sight word activities to teach children everything they need to know about the sight words they will need to know before they move on to first grade.
Kindergarten Sight Words - over 30 fun, engaging, and free kindergarten sight words activities to help kids achieve fluency and read confidently.

Hands-On, Super-Fun Kindergarten Sight Word Activities

Try these super fun sight word activities for kindergarten kids! Perfect for homeschoolers, the classroom, or for parents to try for an extra learning boost at home.  

kindergarten sight words hands on

Hands-On Kindergarten Sight Word Activities

kindergarten sight word printables

Printable Kindergarten Sight Word Activities

kindergarten seasonal sight words

Seasonal Sight Word Activities for Kindergarten





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