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I is for Ice Cream Handprint Art

Next in the Alphabet Handprint Art Series is the letter I. This week we are sharing a I is for Ice Cream handprint craft! This craft is great for kindergartners as they learn the letter I. Don’t forget to print the free Letter I Worksheets to go along with it for more letter practice.

I is for Ice Cream

This craft uses some paint and simple supplies to make a cute ice cream on a cone. It’s always a lot of fun to for the kids to see how their hand print can turn into something else. For this craft, we make a pink hand print for the scoop of ice cream, although any favorite color can be used. It’s a simple and hands-on way to learn about the letter I!


  • Letter “I” is for Ice Cream printable
  • brown crayon
  • pink paint (or another favorite color)
  • paint brush
  • wipes to clean hands

I is for Ice Cream

First, print the printable to go along with this craft. We like to practice the letter on the first page before making our handprint, and we do the next page while the handprint is drying.

draw ice cream cone first

Start by drawing the ice cream cone. First draw a triangle shape, and then draw overlapping diagnal lines as shown above. Or you can get creative and design your own cone! Younger kids may need some help with this.

paint childs hand

To make the hand print, paint the whole palm and fingers one color. We used light pink to make ours look like strawberry ice cream.

handprint craft for kids

Turn the paper upside down to make it easier to make the hand print. Place the hand on top of the cone, with the fingers overlapping the cone. This makes it look like the “ice cream” is melting down the sides of the cone. How cute! Let dry and your ice cream is complete! Rinse hands with water or wipe clean.

Letter I Worksheets

While your I is for Ice Cream is drying, complete the Letter I worksheets for more letter “I” practice!

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Ice Cream Activities

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FREE Ice Cream Cone Alphabet Tracing - this is such a fun alphabet activity for preschool and kindergarten age kids to help them practice tracing letters with a fun summer theme #alphabet #preschool #kindergarten   Who can get enough of icecream especially in summer?! These fun Alphabet Puzzles have a fun ice cream theme perfect for a summer preschool activities! Use these free ice cream printables as a fun summer activity for preschoolers and kindergarnters to practice matching upper and lowercase letters! Simply download pdf file with ice cream printables and you are ready to sneak in some fun summer learning.

Ice Cream Printables

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Ice Cream Worksheets

Ice Cream Math

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