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Kindergarten Crafts by Month

If you want themed crafts for your child to do, this list of kindergarten crafts by month is just what you’re looking for. In this list, you’ll find different crafts you can do with your kindergartner each month, from January all the way through December. So grab your construction paper, glue, and some markers, and never be uninspired!

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Kindergarten Crafts by Month

Each month is filled with fun when you follow this kindergarten crafts by month list. From waddling penguins to 3D paper tulips, you’ll find a fun and interactive craft that goes perfectly with each month’s theme. Let’s get started!

January Kindergarten Crafts

January is a cold month that can be filled with snow. Use that for inspiration with this fantastic January crafts! Icicles, snow globes, and waddling penguins will help you celebrate.

  1. Easy Icicle Winter Craft – Make your home into a winter wonderland with this fun kindergarten craft that’s perfect for winter.
  2. Waddling Penguin Winter Craft – This adorable waddling penguin craft is perfect for January.
  3. Easy Snow Globe Craft for Kids – Celebrate the first month of the year with a snow globe craft.

February Kindergarten Crafts

February is a fun month for crafts. Since Valentine’s Day is a major holiday during this month, we’re celebrating with all things love and hearts. From handprint hearts to a Valentine’s Day treat cup, your kindergartener will have a blast with these February crafts.

  1. Hand Print Heart Craft – February is the month of love. Celebrate with this adorable hand print heart craft.
  2. Paper Valentines Penguin Craft – Here’s a great craft for celebrating Valentine’s Day.
  3. Valentine’s Day Bear Treat Cup Craft – Your kindergartner will love making this Valentine’s Day treat cup!


March Kindergarten Crafts

Celebrate March using its weather and holiday as inspiration. You can discuss what “In like a lion, out like a lamb” means with a craft, making it easy for your kindergartner to understand. Don’t forget to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with rainbows and shamrocks!

  1. In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Craft – This March-themed craft is sure to get your kindergartener excited about spring!
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Hanging Rainbow Craft – Don’t forget to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this March with this adorable craft.
  3. Scrunchy Shamrock Art – Shamrock art is a great craft for the month of March.

April Kindergarten Crafts

April is all about new life, from nature to the creatures that live in nature. From April showers to spring blossoms, these kindergarten crafts will get your child excited for this beautiful season.

  1. Bubble Wrap Rain Craft – This bubble wrap rain craft is perfect for celebrating April showers.
  2. Easy Paper Butterfly – Spring is all about new life, which is why this paper butterfly craft is perfect for April.
  3. Cherry Blossom Craft – Cherry blossoms and spring is the theme with this kindergarten craft.

May Kindergarten Crafts

Since we celebrated April showers last month, this month we’ll celebrate May flowers! These flower crafts can double up as Mother’s Day crafts your child will love making.

  1. 3D Paper Tulip Flower – May flowers has never been so fun! Here’s a realistic craft that your kindergartener will love!
  2. Painted Flower Craft for Kids – This painted flower craft is perfect for celebrating May flowers with your child.
  3. Paper Flower Craft – Challenge your kindergartener to make a bouquet of these beautiful paper flowers!

June Kindergarten Crafts

Summer is finally here! Get summer started with fun crafts such as octopus color matching or watermelon sun-catchers. No matter which craft your child does, they’ll have fun celebrating the start of summer.

  1. Octopus Color Matching Craft – This summer, take a trip to the ocean with this octopus craft.
  2. Watermelon Coffee Filter Suncatcher Craft – Not only does watermelon make a delicious summer treat, it also makes a fun craft!
  3. Paper Plate Sun Summer Sewing Craft – Your kindergartener will practice weaving and sewing with this summer craft.

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July Kindergarten Crafts

July is a hot summer month. Cool off with an ice cream or popsicle treat, followed by a themed craft that’s perfect for July. Don’t forget to take a trip to the beach in order to collect sand and shells for a beautiful art craft.

  1. Ice Cream Paper Plate Craft – Cool down during the month of July with an ice cream craft.
  2. Summer Beach Themed Sand & Shell Art – It isn’t summer without a trip to the beach. Here’s a craft that your kindergartener can make after a trip to the beach.
  3. Make Your Own Bomb Pop Popsicle Craft – This 4th of July, have some fun with a bomb pop popsicle craft.

August Kindergarten Crafts

August is all about back-to-school prep. Get your child ready with some back-to-school crafts, including pencil bookmarks and apple necklaces!

  1. Pencil Bookmark Back to School Craft – August is back-to-school time. Celebrate with a pencil bookmark that your child can use all year long!
  2. Back to School Pencil Craft – This pencil craft is perfect for going back to school.
  3. Pinecone Apple Necklace Craft – Make an apple necklace out of pinecones using this craft as inspiration!

September Kindergarten Crafts

Not only does fall make it beautiful outside, it also serves as inspiration for these September-themed kindergarten crafts. From leaf wreaths to yarn wrapped leaves, your child is sure to have fun with these fall crafts.

  1. Leaf Wreath Craft for Kids – Not only will your child have fun making this leaf wreath craft, you can also use it as fall decoration around the home.
  2. Autumn Yarn Wrapped Leaf Craft – Celebrate autumn with a yarn-wrapped leaf craft that’s perfect for fall.
  3. Cereal Fall Tree Craft – This cereal fall tree craft will get your kindergartener ready for fall!

October Kindergarten Crafts

Pumpkins and zombie puppets are perfect for celebrating October. This month, let your child get in the holiday mood with hands-on pumpkin crafts, as well as a Halloween puppet that’s sure to be a favorite.

  1. Mason Jar Pumpkin – Your kindergartener will have a blast decorating mason jars like pumpkins!
  2. Rubberband Pumpkin Craft – This pumpkin craft can be made with rubber bands!
  3. Clothespin Zombie Puppet Craft – Don’t forget to add this spooktacular Halloween craft to your list of things to do with your kindergartener.

November Kindergarten Crafts

November is a month of thankfulness and giving. Celebrate this holiday with cornucopias and turkeys, both of which are symbols for Thanksgiving.

  1. Candy Cornucopia Thanksgiving Craft – Celebrate a season of thankfulness with this cornucopia craft.
  2. Feathered Paper Plate Turkey Craft – Your kindergartener will have fun creating this feathered paper plate turkey craft.
  3. Turkey Headband Thanksgiving Craft – It isn’t Thanksgiving without a turkey headband! Here’s a craft to make one.

December Kindergarten Crafts

This December, have fun crafting with your child! Make handprint Christmas wreaths, yarn Christmas trees and frosty pinecone decorations in order to make your home festive for the holidays.

  1. Handprint Christmas Wreath – Your kindergartener will have a blast tracing his or her hand for this handprint craft.
  2. Frosty Pinecone Craft – These gorgeous pinecone decorations will look amazing on your Christmas tree.
  3. Yarn Christmas Tree Craft for Kids – Get your yarn and glue out for this fun Christmas tree craft!

These kindergarten crafts by month will help you make each month fun! From holiday themes to seasonal decorations, you’ll find crafts that are perfect for each month.

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