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Paper Plate Fish Craft

Kids of all ages will love creating their own unique Paper Plate Fish Craft with this super cute craft for kids!

Kids of all ages will love creating their own unique Paper Plate Fish Craft with this super cute craft for kids! #craftsforkids #paperplatecrafts #preschool

Kids are fascinated by fish. That why fish crafts are always so popular. This paper plate fish craft is is a fun way for kindergartners and preschoolers to work on fine motor skills. Kids will have fun making this simple fish using ripped pieces of paper.

Paper Plate Fish Craft

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper
  • Large Wiggly Eye

paper plate fish craft for kindergarten

Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kindergarten

Cut a large triangular wedge out of the paper plate.

Choose the colors you wish to use for your fish craft. You could make the fish one solid color, or challenge your child to form a pattern with 2-3 different colors.

Tear the paper into long strips that are approximately one inch wide. Then tear the strips so that you have one inch squares. These will form the fish’s colorful scales.

Use glue to attach the ripped paper squares to the bottom side of the paper plate. You want to completely cover the plate. Once the plate is covered, it is time to create the fish’s fins and
tail. Cut a large triangle and glue it to the fish, underneath the paper plate, to form its tail. Cut a smaller triangle to become the side fin. Glue it to the fish.

paper plate fishes

Cut a medium-sized triangle and then cut off one point, creating a trapezoid. Turn the trapezoid over, so the larger side sticks up, and glue it to the fish to creat the top fin. Finally, attach a large wiggly eye.

This paper plate fish craft is a fun craft to pair with a sea creature unit. Or use it as a paper plate craft for summer.

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