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39 Counting Activities for Kids

When it comes learning math, counting is one of the first skills kids should learn. Counting activities for kids helps students learn this important math skill in a fun and hands-on way, which makes their learning more meaningful.

39 Counting Activities for Kids - so many fun, clever, and unique hands on counting activities for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids including hands on educational activities, free printable math games, and more. #counting #math #prek

Counting Activities for Kids

Counting is an important math skill that all students need to learn. Learning how to count gives the child a strong foundation in number sense, helping them grasp what numbers are and what their value is. You can use fun counting activities for kids to help teach your students how to count, giving them a meaningful learning experience that’s engaging.

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Hands-On Counting Activities for Kids

Hands-on counting activities for kids can help students learn how to count in a meaningful way. Not only is hands-on a fun way to learn, it also makes it more memorable! Your students will remember these counting activities and ask to play them over and over.

  1. Free Number Trains – Kids will love putting numbers in order with this hands-on activity.
  2. Catch 20 Bugs – Students will enjoy playing this game as they learn how to count to 20.
  3. Monster Googly Eyes: Counting 1-20 – Both you and your students will enjoy this fun and cute way to teach students how to count up to 20!
  4. Counting to 10 Pom Pom Cards – Check out this hands-on activity that will help your students learn to count to 10.
  5. Number Line Missing Numbers Clip Sticks – Challenge students to show their counting skills by having them identify the missing numbers.
  6. Puzzle and Pom Pom Counting Activity – Students will develop their motor skills as well as counting skills when they complete this activity.
  7. Pool Writing Numbers 1-20 – After practicing writing numbers, students will count out “beach balls”
  8. Counting with Play Dough and Cutters – Students will play with Play-dough as they learn how to count.
  9. Number & Counting Preschool Activity – Students will get to practice counting as they move around with this activity.
  10. Safari Counting to 30 Game – Go on a safari while learning how to count to 30 with this fun game!
  11. Star Wars Counting for Preschoolers – Do you have a Star Wars fan in your classroom? Then this counting activity is a must-do!
  12. Hole Punching Counting Activity – Here’s a great hands-on activity that gives students counting practice!
  13. Zoo Animals Count to 10 Reader – Kids will love counting and coloring the zoo animals as they make this emergent reader.
  14. 5 Little Monkeys Activity – Use a popular nursery rhyme to get your students counting!

Food-Themed Counting Activities for Kids

Use what your students love to help them practice counting. Snacks and food are always a favorite theme for kids, which is why these food-themed counting activities for kids are especially effective. Plan to bring in extra counting manipulatives so that you can snack on them after the activity is done!

  1. Apple Counting and Writing Tray – This activity helps students learn how to count numbers, as well as write them!
  2. Ice Cream Counting Cards – Here’s a fun counting activity! Students will count the “scoops” of ice cream that goes with each cone card.
  3. Watermelon Seeds Counting Set – Here’s a counting activity that is sure to keep your students engaged and learning.
  4. Ice Cream Sundae Count to 20 Cards – Students will top off these ice cream sundae cards with cherries as count up to 20.
  5. Sunflower Seed Counting Activity – Get hands-on counting practice with this activity.
  6. Apple Seed Counting – Here’s a fun activity that will help kids practice counting!
  7. Counting Apples Mini Book – This counting activity will help students learn how to count as they assemble their books, followed by counting and coloring each page.
  8. Watermelon Counting Book – This watermelon-themed book is a great tool for teaching students how to count.
  9. Cookie Tray Counting Mats – Counting and playing with Play-dough are combined into this fun but educational activity.

Seasonal Counting Activities for Kids

Is there a fun holiday coming up? Use your students’ enthusiasm for upcoming events such as summer break, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. When you combine their enthusiasm for holidays with the fun of counting, you’re sure to have a lesson they’ll remember!

  1. Spring Counting Game (Numbers 1-20) – Here’s a counting game that’s both fun and educational.
  2. Summer Count, Trace, & Clip – Students will enjoy counting a number set, putting the clip on the right answer and tracing the number with this summer-themed activity.
  3. Ice Cream Counting Cards – Kids will have fun practicing counting while scooping ice cream!
  4. Summer Playdough Counting Mats– Kids will have fun practicing counting with playdough and these hands on mats.
  5. Winter Play Dough Counting Mats – Use this counting mat and Play-dough to help students develop their counting skills.
  6. St. Patrick’s Day Counting Cards – These counting cards will give students practicing counting sets, as well as writing numbers!
  7. Pumpkin Counting Mats – This fall, bring in some pumpkin seeds and have fun counting them with this activity.
  8. Valentine’s Day Counting Cards – This holiday-themed activity is perfect for teaching students how to count.
  9. Five Little Snowmen Rhyming Activity – Students will count the different snowmen with this rhyming activity.
  10. Snowman Counting Activity for Preschool – Students will enjoy practicing how to count as they add buttons to these adorable snowmen.
  11. Easter Egg Counting Activity – Check out this holiday-themed counting activity!
  12. Summer Skip Counting Puzzles – These puzzles will help students learn how to count, as well as skip-count!
  13. Counting Fall Leaves – Get the school year started off right with this fun counting activity.

Teaching your students how to count using fun and hands-on counting activities is the way to go. Students will have fun while they learn, making it a meaningful and joyful learning experience. They’ll ask to play these games and activities over and over again, giving them even more counting practice.

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