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Simple, Cute Easter Peep Craft for Kids

The cute, colorful peep marshmallows always call to me in the Easter aisles at Target, but I don’t really like eating them. So we decided to use them to create a fun peep craft. This easter painting for kids is such a pretty project that will delight kids of all ages. Use this simple easter crafts for kids with toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students.

FUN peep craft. This easter painting for kids is such a pretty project that will delight kids of all ages. Use this simple easter crafts for kids with toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students. 

Peep craft

Do you like peeps? I know there are some that do and some that don’t. I think that’s the only way it goes, either you do or you don’t  – there is no in between. I personally don’t like to eat them but playing and creating with them is so much fun! Did you know that peep bunnies make the perfect stamp when used with paint? That is how we created this adorable Peep Painted Easter Stationary. This peep craft is not only a fun Easter craft idea for kids, but a fun easter activities for preschoolers, toddlers, kindergartners, and grade 1 students too.

The art of writing letters is lost. It’s not something that many people do, but who doesn’t love receiving handwritten mail? I know I sure do! It is something that we will have to remember to do often, but we should work to bring it back. I am a firm believer in this. So we try to create stationary, at least for holidays. This way we can write letters and send fun, personalized mail to our favorite people. 

peep activity for kids

Peep activities

All you need to make this fun peep craftivity are a few simple materials:


  • Blank Cards or Cardstock
  • Peep Bunny Heads
  • Paint in your favorite spring colors
  • Paper Plate or something to put the paint on

easter painting project for toddlers
Simple easter crafts for kids

Start by getting your cards ready. If you are using cardstock, fold the paper in half. And cut perpendicular to the fold. This will give you a card.  Pour the paint onto the paper plate that you would like to use. You don’t need a TON but you do need enough to put your peep in it, and it will get covered in paint. 

Consider your design that you want to make before actually starting. Dip one peep bunny  head into each color of paint you are using. Make sure it is saturated quite a bit, or your painted stamp will be blotchy.

Easter activities for preschoolers

Easter activities for preschoolers

Press the peep bunny head right down onto the pape. Your fingers might get slightly sticky to the peep, so make sure you are sticking and unsticking in a way that will prevent smearing. If you need to, pull your hand away before actually pulling the peep to make sure you’re not too sticky. When yo’re ready to stamp again, dip it back in the paint and get it coated well, and stamp again.

diy easter crards for kids

The possibilities of design are endless. You could create a whole spring theme with an easter basket or spring garden theme.

Simple easter crafts for kids

We also made one that is a full sheet of cardstock. This is great if you have a longer letter to write or if your much younger children want to draw a picture.

Easter painting for kids

Easter painting for kids

How fun is that? Now you can still buy the peeps, feel festive but not have to actually eat the peeps.

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