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A is for Apple Hand Art

Kids will have fun learning how A is for apple with this fun-to-make alphabet handart with free letter A worksheets for handwriting practice.

A is for Apple

A is for Apple

Today we are beginning a new monthly series sharing alphabet handprint crafts starting with A for apple!

My kids love doing handprint crafts, so we starting with the letter “A” and going through the alphabet to help learn letters. This craft is perfect for kindergarten and preschool ages, or any child who enjoys making handprints. Do this craft on a piece of paper, or use the free printable to trace the letters for more letter learning fun!

I couldn’t decide whether to make an apple handprint, or an apple tree. I asked my boys what they would prefer, and of course each chose a different one. So we decided to make both!

green, red, and brown washable paint plus free a is for apple printable to practice writing letter a


  • Aa is for Apple printable (optional)
  • red, green, and brown paint
  • paint brushes

It helps to have wipes handy to wipe hands in between steps to contain any messes. If you choose to use one paint brush like we did, you may also want to have a cup of water to rinse your paint brush. If you’re using the printable, I recommend tracing the letters before painting.

Hand Art Apple Crafthandprint apple craft for kids, september crafts

First, use red paint to paint the palm of the hand. This makes the apple. Use green paint to the middle finger, stopping after one knuckle. This makes the leaf. Use brown paint to paint the ring finger, up to two knuckles. This makes the stem.

handprint apple craft for kids

Press the hand onto the paper to make an apple! My son wanted to make more than one apple, so we painted his hand again (the same way as above) and kept stamping! Let dry, and the apple(s) are complete!

Apple Tree Hand Art

handprint apple craft for kids
To make the Apple Tree, paint the hand green and the arm brown.
a is for apple craft for toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten
Push the hand onto the paper. Try to make the hand print near the top middle to save space for the tree trunk. Use a paintbrush to paint a brown tree trunk.
letter of the week a is for apple craft for kids
Dip a finger into red paint to make fingerprint apples. Let dry, and the apple tree is complete!

apple tree sight words activity  FREE Alphabet Sounds Alphabet Book for prek and Kidnergarten

Apple Activities

Looking for more fun apple and activities and free apple printables? You will love these apple activities for kindergarten and apple activities for preschoolers!

FREE Apple Alphabet Letter Tracing Worksheets - super cute fall themed letter find worksheets to help kids play i spy and trace upper and lowercase letters. Perfect for preschool, prek, and kindergarten age kids. #preschool #kindergarten #Alphabet Apple Addition Coloring Pages

Paper Plate Apple Core Craft apple tree bubble wrap art projects ABC Apple Lacing ACtivity

Apple Crafts for Kids

Download Letter A Worksheets

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