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Letter E

Kids are going to have a blast learning about the letter E with this fun letter of the week unit exploring elephants, shapes, science, and art. Our favorite is the E is for Elephant painting technique – what a hoot!
Letter E

Letter E

This Letter E theme makes it fun for early learners to explore e is for elephants theme. Don’t miss the E is for Elephant art technique.


Books to Read this week:



Letter E Day #1 – Elephant Hand Art

Paint your child’s palm & fingers with washable grey paint (or have them squish in paint). Place carefully with thumb extended out on piece of white paper. Now looking at the upside down handprint, the thumb is the trunk. Add a black eye just up from that. The fingers are the legs. You can cut out a pink or grey circle to glue just right of the eyes as his ear.

Optional other car crafts:

e is for ear cut and paste activity for preschool, prek, kindergarten

Letter E Day #2 – Making the Letter E

Using these alphabet play dough mats have your child cut out pictures of ears from magazines and paste them in the letter D to make an E is for Ears collage.

Cutting & pasting is great for developing motor skills.

For children wanting additional worksheets try these FREE Printables:

Letter E Day #3 – Exploring shapes with Elephants

e is for elephant

Help you kiddo learn about different shapes in one of these two ways:

  1. Feed the Elephant – Make an elephant from a box (see tutorial) and feed the elephant different shapes you call out.
  2. Make an elephant from construction paper hearts like this one:
elephant toothpaste science experiment for letter e

Letter E Day #4 – E is for  Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

Okay, you are not really making toothpaste for elephants. It is called Elephant toothpaste because of how the foam comes out of the tube. Don’t get it in your mouth.

Here are some directions & tips for this neat science experiment.



making elephant art using a pool noodle

Letter E Day #5 – Making Art like an Elephant

Today we dive deeper into the E is for Elephant theme. Did you know some Elephants can paint? Watch this video of a painting elephant.

Now using a large rubberband, attach 1/2 a pool noodle to your child so they have their own elephant nose. Children will dip their nosein washable paint, and make their own elephant art.

HINT: I gave them a yellow and blue blob of paint so they could learn about color mixing (yellow + blue = green) at the same time!


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