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Letter C

Kids will have a blast with this letter C, letter of the week unit filled with car crafts, color sorting, graphing, learning about traffic signs, name recognition activity, and so much more! One of our favorite activities this week was the FREE Printable Road Letters for kids to use with hot wheel cars.
Letter C

Letter C

Get ready for a fun, creative, and hands on learning week centered around the Letter C.


Books to Read this week:


Letter C Day #1 – Car Tracks Craft

Letter C is for cars activity

Roll out a large sheet of butcher paper and tape the ends on the floor (not on carpet). Pour washable paint(s) in a paper plate(s). Give your child several hot wheels (probably not your favorites) and then allow them to make car tracks by dipping the cars in the paint and then having the cars drive around the white paper.

Optional other car crafts:


FREE Printable Road Letters

Day #2 – Making the Letter C

Using the FREE Printable Road Letters (download below) have your child cut out pictures of cars from magazines and paste them in the letter C to make a C collage. Cutting & pasting is great for developing motor skills.

Then, I like to have them run a hot wheel over the letter to practice forming the letter.These FREE Printable Road Letters are such a fun activity kids will love doing.

HINT: Print each of the letters in your child’s name and they can practice making their name.

For children wanting additional worksheets try these {free} Printables:

learning colors with graphing math extension activity for preschool, prek, kindergarten

Letter C Day #3 – Sorting cars

Have your child sort at least 20 different cars by color. You can also sort them by size, type, wheel color, etc.

Count how many cars of each color you have – great for practicing counting 1-20.

Then make a Graph showing how many cars of each color you have (great math extension) – free recording sheet included in download below.


  • Have your child make a letter C using cars.
learn about road signs, roads and cars with this fun chalk on driveway kids activities


Letter C Day #4 – Traffic Signs

If you have a nice day I suggest drawing roads with chalk on your driveway and having kids use ride on toys or trikes to race around the roads while obeying traffic signs (Traffic Signs FREE Pack)

If it is a rainy or cold day, use painters or masking tape to make roads on the floor.They can still use ride on toys or hot wheels to drive on the tape road to learn what traffic signs mean.


  • Now go out in the community and have your child point out all the traffic signs they see and tell you what they mean. It’s like a big scavenger hunt. You can even make it a game by seeing how many stop signs they can see, etc.


Day #5 – Make a wearable Car

Using a medium sized box you are going to fashion it into a car. Your child can paint or color it. Here is a simple tutorial.

Race around the backyard.


  • Have your child help wash the family car in the driveway.
download free printable road letters

More Fun Activities for Kids

Download FREE Printable Road Letters

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