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Colorful Oil and Water Science Experiment

Kids will have fun learning about density with this colorful, fun, and EASY oil and water science experiment for kids of all ages. Make sure you see all our Kindergarten Science Activities!

Colorful Oil and Water Science Experiment - Kids will have fun learning about density with this colorful, fun, and EASY oil and water science experiment for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade kids. This is such a fun science project that is the perfect summer activity for kids to add to summer bucket list. #scienceisfun #scienceexperiment #scienceproject #oilandwater #kindergarten #preschool #firstgrade #kindergartenworksheetsandgames

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Colorful Oil and Water Science Experiment

Kids are going to be amazed by this really cool, colorful oil and water science experiment. Plus it’s easy to set-up and try.

Fill a container with vegetable oil.
Fill several small container with water and food coloring so you have various colors. Grab your pipettes (or eye dropper) and protective eye wear (makes it extra fun!) 
Have kids use their pipette to suck up some colored water. Now insert it carefully in the oil and press to release a ball of colored water.
HINT:  If you go really slow you will get a larger ball.
colorful preschool and kindergarten science experiment
Isn’t that so pretty! Depending on how slow and long you push the colored water balls will be bigger or smaller.
Use a different pipette with a different colored water to make different colored balls.
My kids went a little crazy watching these perfectly beautiful colored balls bead into the oil.
Isn’t it so pretty! This is such a FUN and easy science project for kids of all ages. And such an easy way to help kids learn that some substances (like oil and water) don’t mix.
Oil and water separate when combined because water is more dense than oil. It causes the colored water droplets to sink when added to the jar of oil.

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