Monday, July 3, 2017

20 Kindergarten Math Activities

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Kindergarten math typically covers all the most basic types of math, including counting up to 100, single-digit addition and subtraction, number lines, and number recognition. These fun kindergarten math activities will be the highlight of any kindergarten kid's day, as these activities are all super fun!
Kindergarten Math - over 20 creative, fun, hands on math activities to make learning counting, addition, greater than less than and more.

In this list you'll find a collection of active, hands-on kindergarten math activities as well as a collection of creative and fun kindergarten math printables and worksheets that will delight even the most reluctant learner.

All themes included are not tied to any season and are suitable to use year-round!

Fun and Hands-On Tools for Teaching Kindergarten Math

Use these fun kindergarten math activities to teach kindergarten kids the basics of counting, addition, subtraction, and shapes! Kids will love these super-fun activities both in active, hands-on form and creative printable/worksheet form. There are endless ways to teach math to kindergarten kids!  

kindergarten math games

Hands-On Kindergarten Math

kindergarten worksheets

Kindergarten Math Printables

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