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Dinosaur Stack Engineering (STEM Activity for Kindergarten)

Kids will have fun with this simple-to-complete Dinosaur Stack Engineering, a STEM Activity for Kindergartners.

Dinosaur Stack Engineering

Dinosaur Stack Engineering

Sometimes, finding science and STEM activities that are appropriate for kindergartners is a little difficult. Kindergarten kids can’t do many of the popular science experiments, but they love to learn and engage with their creativity and logic sides as much as older kids. Most little ones love dinosaurs, which is why I created this dinosaur stack engineering activity for kindergarten kids. The goal of this activity is to help kids see that patience, precision, and logic all work together in creating a solid structure. This Dinosaur Stack Engineering introduces young kids to STEM thinking and the basics of structural engineering. Find out how to conduct your own dinosaur stack below.

dinosaur learning activity for kindergarten

You only need a few things for this activity:

  • Small plastic dinosaurs
  • Hard surface
Stem Project

Kindergarten STEM Activity

Tell the kids they will stack dinosaurs into towers. At first, let the kids try it on their own and see what happens. Count how many dinosaurs they stack. Next, show the kids how adding a solid base of the right kind of dinosaur makes it easier to stack more dinosaurs. Count how many dinosaurs they can stack using their new knowledge. Finally, challenge the kids to stack 10 dinosaurs, then more and more as they are successful with smaller numbers. Ask the kids questions like:

  • What dinosaurs are the best for the bottom?
  • What dinosaurs are best for the top?
  • Why is it hard to stack dinosaurs?
  • Would you make a building out of dinosaurs in real life?
  • How many dinosaurs can you stack?
  • What will happen if you remove a dinosaur from the tower?
dinosaur stem project for kindergarten

Continue asking leading questions as long as the kiddos are interested in the process. You might just find that a few days later, the kids are still trying to build bigger and bigger towers using their dinosaurs.

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