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35 Kindergarten Learning Games

Kindergartners are excited about learning, which is good because they have a lot of things to learn that will set the foundation for all future learning! However, these young learners don’t have a long attention span, which means this is the perfect age for hands-on learning games. These Kindergarten Learning Games are perfect to help kids have fun and learn a variety of material, while instilling a love of  learning!

Make learning counting, math, sight words, phonics, and more FUN with these clever, engaging and free Kindergarten Learning Games

Kindergarten Learning Games

As kinders head to school in the fall they have a lot to learn – from their ABCs to alphabet matching, reading sight words to sounding out words using phonics, improving visual discrimination, counting and adding numbers, learning number words, and so much more. The sheer size of what they need to master can seem daunting. But kids are usually excited to go to school and eager to learn. It is our job as parents, teachers, and homeschoolers to keep that excitement to learn and love of learning alive! Using a variety of fun, hands on Kindergarten Learning Games is a great way to start!

These fun learning games are perfect for kindergarten kids. Students can use them as hands-on learning activities, as a boost to prevent summer slide, as file folder games, or just for fun when you want to play a game and learn at the same time!

kindergarten games alphabet

Alphabet Games for Kindergartners

These alphabet learning games are a great way to get kids excited to learn their letters from a to z, practice letter recognition as they match upper and lowercase letters, work on visual discrimination and even start to read kindergarten sight words.

Kindergarten Math games free

Kindergarten Math Games

From counting, addition, measurement, subtraction, and comparing numbers – kindergarten math is a whole new world for young learners. These fun math games for kindergartners are a great way to learn new concepts while making it fun.


kindergarten board games

Kindergarten Board Games

Looking to incorporate games but don’t want to make or print one? Try these classic board games that educational for young kids!

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