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FREE Kindergarten Memory Book

Help kids celebrate the end of the year with this super cute FREE Kindergarten Memory Book so you can remember all the special moments as Kindergartners.

FREE Kindergarten Memory Book - this is such a fun way to celebrate the end of the year with these free printable worksheets to remember your students year as a kindergartners #endofschool #kindergarten #lastday

An end of year memory book is a simple Kindergarten activity! Our FREE printable invites students to recall and record their memories. Collate the finished pages into cute books. They make great keepsakes to send home with parents.

End of the Year Printables

It’s that time of year again! On the one hand are looking forward to a well-earned break. But it is so hard to say goodbye to another Kindergarten community.
Kindergarten is a special year for many students. For some it was their first experience of school. Others may have been to preschool, but it was their first year of academic instruction. A lot of younger children form deep attachments to their teacher and class community.

As the year winds down, it is nice to be able to provide a special keepsake that recalls some of their memories. A memory book fits the bill beautifully!

Super cute end of the year printables for kindergarnters


A Memory book is a collection of memories and experiences. Each of the pages will allow students to think back over the year and compile some memories.
The great thing about them is that they are super easy to put together. All you need is blank copy paper, a few drawing supplies and a stapler.

Print the school memory book on white or colored pages

School Memory Book

We put together a cute printable that will make it easy to create a memory book. It includes the following pages .

  • A self portrait
  • Favorite memory
  • Field Trip
  • Favorite book
  • Three things they have learned
  • A page to collect autographs

Children will enjoy filling in the pages and it makes a great project for the end of the year.

End of the year worksheets for prek, kindergarten age kids

End of Year Worksheets

  • The Memory book file (see below)
  • Brightly colored copy paper (front page)
  • Copy Paper (inside pages)
  • Pencils and crayons
  • File folders
  • Printer
  • Stapler

super cute free pintable school memory pages


This option will give you a week-long activity.

  • Download the memory book file and make copies.
  • Create a file folder for each child.
  • Each day Invite your kids to fill in one of the sheets and draw pictures.
  • Invite the children to place the complete pages in their file folder.
  • Make copies of the front page on colored paper
  • When the class has finished creating their books, retrieve the pages from each child’s folder. Add a cover and staple the book together.


In this option each student will complete two pages. A page about themselves and another page of their choice.

  1. Download the memory book file and make copies.
  2. Invite students to fill in two of the sheets and draw pictures.
  • Page 3 asks the children to draw a picture of themselves in Kindergarten. All students will complete this one.
  • Pages 4-8 give the students a chance to record some of their favorite memories and other things. Children can choose one of these pages to finish. Early finishers can choose another page if they wish.
  1. Ask each child to add their autograph to page 8.
  2. Collate the completed pages to make a class memory book. Simply punch holes and place in a binder. Leave it around for the children to look at.
  3. If time and budget permits, make a copy for each student. Staple the pages together and send them home.


FREE Kindergarten Memory Book - print the pages you like to celebrate the end of the year or for a last day of school party #kindergarten #lastdayofschool

Download FREE Kindergarten Memory Book

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