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Pete The Cat Math Game

Kids will have fun practicing math with this super cute, FREE Pete The Cat Math Game for Kindergarten age kids.

FREE Pete The Cat Math Game - this is such a fun kindergarten math activity to practice counting and addition #petethecat #kindergarten #counting

My youngest has recently discovered the Pete the Cat series of books. He’s enthralled by the bright blue kitty, his often catchy songs, and the fun antics Pete experiences. In order to capitalize on his current fascination, I created a fun free printable math game that even Pete the Cat would love. Read on to check out our current favorite book from the collection. Be sure to grab you ownr math practice page to play with at home.


Pete The Cat Math Game

how many buttons are left

Reading Pete The Cat

There’s a large variety of Pete the Cat books out there. They come in several formats, including paperback and hardcover, with varying lengths. We’ve loved the early readers, but the current family favorite is one of the best known from the collection. My youngest is totally into Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. Eric Litwin wrote this story, and James Dean illustrated it.

pete the cat 3 buttons

The book follows Pete the Cat on a day when he’s losing all his groovy buttons, one by one. This story has a lyrical quality to it, making it perfect for singing the math facts as you read. The illustrations are vibrant, bright, and eye-catching for kids. It’s a perfect choice for some basic math work, since it works on simple subtraction and counting down from 4 to 0. The story is also great for kids who stress out over ‘little’ things, since Pete adopts a ‘no big deal’ attitude as his buttons pop off.

pete the cat math

Pete the Cat’s Groovy Buttons Math

This math game is perfect for independent work time. Kids can easily play on their own, or take turns working with a partner to check math facts.


  • Free printable Pete the Cat math game. (Grab yours below!)
  • Assortment of small buttons. (Or other manipulatives, like beads or small pompoms.)
  • A die. (Or 2 if you’d like to work on addition for an extra challenge.)

five groovy buttons


  1. Assemble all necessary materials.
  2. If working on basic counting/number recognition 1-6, the child rolls a single die.
  3. Next, the child identifies which number they rolled.
  4. Then, child counts out appropriate number of buttons (or other manipulatives) to match number of die.
  5. Finally, the child places the appropriate number of buttons onto Pete’s yellow coat.
  6. If working in pairs, kids can check each others counting/number identification before removing the buttons and passing the printable and die to a friend.
  7. To work on larger numbers and some basic addition, add a second die to each roll. Kids can identify the number on each die and count out appropriate manipulatives. Then they can count to add them together for the total number of buttons, and add them to Pete’s coat.

This game has quickly become a favorite for my youngest. I’m a big fan of how simple it is to set up, and that it’s not messy at all. Hope you enjoy it too!


Download Pete The Cat Math Game

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