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FREE Kindergarten Math Worksheets

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A new school year is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about math. A great way to teach important math skills is to use these FREE Kindergarten Math Worksheets. These worksheets will help your kindergartner practice their number sense, addition and subtraction, and more.

FREE Kindergarten Math Worksheets

FREE Kindergarten Math Worksheets

If you’re looking for FREE Kindergarten Math Worksheets for this coming school year, you’re in luck. These kindergarten math worksheets cover everything your kindergartner needs to know, including measurements, shapes, addition, subtraction, and counting. See all our Kindergarten Printables


Kindergarten Number Sense Worksheets

Your kindergartner needs to learn all about numbers, which is why number sense is so important. These math worksheets aim to help your kindergartner develop their number sense.

  1. FREE Hundreds Chart Worksheet – Use this worksheet to help your kindergartner learn how to write numbers.
  2. Pet Shop Count to 20 Emergent Reader – Kids will have fun counting pets as they make this reader!
  3. Flowers Missing Numbers – This worksheet gives your kindergartner counting practice as they discover what the missing number is.
  4. FREE Bee Counting 1-12 – Here’s a counting worksheet that your kindergartner will love!
  5. Farm Bingo Marker Worksheets – These farm themed number worksheets are loads of fun to make!
  6. Number Skip Counting Worksheet – Skip counting is fun with this math worksheet.
  7. Comparing Numbers Worksheets – These math worksheets help your kindergartner practice comparing numbers.
  8. Back to School Kindergarten Math Worksheets – These worksheets will give your kindergartner plenty of math practice!
Addition & Subtraction Worksheets

Addition & Subtraction Worksheets

Addition and subtraction are also important math skills your kindergartner will need to learn. These worksheets give your kindergartner a fun way to practice these skills.

  1. Solve & Stamp Math Worksheet – Here’s a fun way for your kindergartner to practice addition and subtraction using a dot marker.
  2. Acorn Number Bonds Math Worksheets – Have some acorn fun with this kindergarten math worksheet.
  3. FREE Watermelon Fact Family – You can use fact families to introduce addition to your kindergartner.
  4. Counting On with Fingers Worksheet – This is a great way to introduce your kindergartner to addition.
  5. Spring Kindergarten Addition Worksheets – These worksheets are going to help your kindergartner become an expert at addition!
  6. Free Thanksgiving Color by Addition – Combine the fun of coloring with addition practice with these math worksheets.
  7. Fall Addition Sticker Worksheets – these are so clever! Use circle stickers to complete these fall worksheets


Measurement Worksheets

Learning how to measure objects, along with comparing sizes, are math skills your kindergartner will love practicing. These worksheets give them the practice they need, from measuring bugs to winter items.

  1. FREE Measuring Bugs – This adorable worksheet is just what you need to get your kindergartner excited about measuring.
  2. FREE Winter Ruler Measurements Worksheet – Your kindergartner will enjoy learning how to measure with this worksheet.
  3. Measurement Worksheets – These worksheets will help your kindergartner practice measuring items.


Shapes Worksheets

Are you ready to practice shapes? These kindergarten math worksheets help your kindergartner work on shapes, from identifying them to drawing them.

  1. Free Shapes Worksheets – These math worksheets make it easy for your kindergartner to practice shapes.
  2. Free Do a Dot Worksheet – Your kindergartner will love using a dot marker to make these shapes.
  3. Fall Shape Worksheets – Use the seasons to help teach your kindergartner all about shapes. This worksheet is fall-themed.
  4. Shape Identification and Counting Worksheet Printable – Shape practice and counting are combined in this fun kindergarten worksheet.
  5. Color by Shape Printable – You can use this math worksheet to help your kindergartner recognize shapes.
  6. Cutting Shapes Worksheet – Here’s the perfect shape recognition worksheet. Your kindergartner will enjoy cutting out the different shapes.
  7. Shapes Symmetry Worksheets – Your kindergartner will get the chance to show off their shapes skills with this symmetry worksheet.
  8. Shapes Practice Worksheet – Give your kindergartner shapes practice with this math worksheet.
  9. Fall Shapes Emergent Reader – Kids will have fun practicing shapes while making their very own fall reader


Fun Themed Kindergarten Math Worksheets

After practicing numbers, counting, and more, don’t forget to have fun with these math worksheets. You will find worksheets for multiple math skills so that your kindergartner can practice everything they need to.

  1. Circus Kindergarten Math Worksheets – Here are some fun circus-themed worksheets that your kindergartener will love.
  2. Free Zoo Worksheets – If you have a zoo-lover that needs to learn numbers, this is the worksheet for you!
  3. St. Patrick’s Day Hundreds Chart – A hundreds chart is the perfect way to practice numbers.
  4. Free Groundhogs Day Count to 100 – Count to 100 with this math worksheet.
  5. Apple Math Worksheets – Here’s an apple-themed worksheet set that will give your kindergartener number practice.
  6. Dinosaur Math Worksheets – Use dinosaurs to teach your kindergartener all about math!
  7. Turkey Counting By 10s – Your kindergartener can learn to count by 10s using this turkey-themed worksheet.
  8. Free Valentine’s Day Color by Number – Students will learn to recognize numbers with this coloring worksheet.

These kindergarten math worksheets are perfect for giving your kindergartener math practice. No matter which math skill you need to practice, there’s a worksheet to help.

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