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FREE Number Sense Worksheets – Teen Numbers

Make practicing those tricky teen numbers with these free printable Teen Number Sense Worksheets for Kindergarten age kids!
FREE Number Sense Math Worksheets: Teen Numbers - these free printable number worksheets are a great way for preschool, prek, kindergarten, and first grade kids to practice writing and counting #numbersense #numbers #kindergarten

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If your children are like mine, visual learning is the best form. I can explain things and sometimes it sticks while other times I could explain until I’m blue in the face and it won’t matter. These times, if I am able to SHOW her, she gets it right away. She caught on to numbers 1 through 10 quickly but getting the order of 11 through 20 did not come quite as easy. She knew the numbers but not necessarily in order. So my best bet was to teach her in a visual way. Thus I created this Number Sense Printable For Teen Numbers.


FREE Teen Number Sense Worksheets

Each section of these printables has a different number, from 11 to 20. There are different ways to explore each of these numbers as well.

Traceable Numerical Symbol:

We have included the numerical symbol for each number in a traceable font. This will not only allow kids to see the number, which will help them remember, but also be able to practice writing the numbers together.

Traceable Number Word:

This portion has the number word spelled out in a traceable font. Kids will be able to spell out the word while correlating it to the correct number.

Blank Ten Frame:

We have included two blank ten frames for each number. Kids can color in the correct number of squares to equal the number they are working on. Each one will obviously have the first 10 boxes filled in, but then each box after that will depend on which number they are working on.

Blank Number Line:

This is helpful for kids to see the numbers in a line. We put on the instructions to circle the correct number on a line. You can also have the child draw a line above the numbers from zero to the correct number.
One thing that we did for every activity of each number is to count from zero to the number. So after we wrote the numerical symbol and number word for 11 we counted from 0 to 11. When we filled in the ten frames, we counted the colored boxes. When we filled in the number line, we counted from 0 to 11 as well. This may seem excessive to some, but this repetition is what will really help children learn. The repetition combined with the visual activities, kids will be learning their teen numbers in no time!
Teen Number Sense Worksheets

Preparation Of Number Sense Printable For Teen Numbers

The preparation for these printables is simple. The first option is to print them out, grab your favorite writing utensil and go for it.
Another option is to laminate the printables. This will allow you and your child to do this activity over and over, increasing the repetition. This can also be used in dry erase pockets if lamination is not an option.


Download Teen Number Sense Worksheets

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