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30 Art Projects for Kindergarten

There are so many art projects for kindergarteners that it can be difficult to know where to start. When choosing art projects, it’s important to pick projects that will inspire kids and let them have fun. From handprints to famous artists, these projects are sure to spark a love of art.

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Art Projects for Kindergarten

Art is important for kindergarteners to experience. Not only does art help young kids develop their fine motor skills and learn to follow directions, it also inspires them to be creative. Even when creating the same art project as another child, kids can be as creative as their imaginations allow. These art projects for kindergarteners are perfect for developing those important skills and inspiring a love of art.


Kindergarten Art Projects

Super cute art projects for kindergarten

Art Projects for Famous Artists

Kids can learn a lot about art from famous artists. One of the best lessons they can learn is that art doesn’t have to look a specific way. There are so many ways to create a masterpiece, from splattering paint all over a canvas to arranging shapes in a pattern. These art projects will use famous artists to teach kids to tap into their creative side.


Four Season Art

No matter what time of year it is, there’s an art project that will match the season. Butterflies in spring, fireworks in summer, snowflakes in winter … the seasons are filled with inspiration for art. These art projects are sure to get kids excited about the season and interested in creating art.

Tons of Handprint art projects for toddler, preschool, prek, and kindergarten age kids

Handprint Art

Kids have the best art tools with them at all times. It’s not a paintbrush, it’s their hands! There are so many fun art projects that use kids’ hand-prints and thumbprints to create a colorful masterpiece. Who knew that something as simple as a hand can create a cow, bunny and even a galaxy!

These art projects for kindergarteners will get kids excited about art. They’ll inspire kids to create their own masterpieces using different tools, unique materials and their imaginations.

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